K.Will, I am…[part4]   5 comments

It’s a 100 Questions & Answers about K.Will. He wrote it himself on April 8th, 2007. The information are from Hyungknight (http://cafe.daum.net/Hyungknight) translated by Kelly Han. Sentences in [ ] means that I added additional explanations.

K.Will, I am…

76. What would you be doing if you hadn’t become a singer?

  • If I hadn’t sung, uhm.. rank and file at a construction company? And If I had sung, professional chorus or a vocal trainer? ㅎ

77. Song you want to sing to someone you love?

  • Hario

78. Your way to blow away stress?

  • I think I’m not quite doing it well. ㅜ_ㅜwell… window shopping?

79. Where do you like the most among your appearances?

  • My eyes.

80. What if you get a plastic surgery?

  • Everywhere just a little bit.

[Ann’s note : He has high nose, very nice cheekbone and sexy lips. Where is the rest that he wants to do? His charm? :p]

81. Have you slept elsewhere beside at home?

  • I’ve been living on my own for three years, so ..ㅋ

82. What if an angel tells you to make 3 wishes?

  • Make me fly in the sky.
  • No getting old, and no dying.
  • Give me a lamp that makes all my wishes come true.

83. Three things you would carry with you to an inhabited island

  • Knife, lighter, girlfriend

84. What if you win lotto?

  • Buy house, buy car, and save the rest.

85. What if you become invisible?

  • Do good things until 6 PM and then spend the rest for my personal life.

[Ann’s note : He really has good heart.]

86. You’re hungry but got no money. What’s the solution?

  • Go into the nearest restaurant and tell the owner my situation, and eat first.

87. The moment when you felt really sorry for someone

  • It’s when I realized that words my friends and I have been tossing around as a joke have been hurting one friend for several years.

88. What do you want me to do before you die

  • Skydiving, Bunjee jumping in New Zealand, eating a really good-tasting lobster.

89. If you are reborn, what would you be?

  • Human, of course.

90. If you were born as a woman, what would you do?

  • Go shopping as much as I like.

91. If you evaluate yourself?

  • 51 points(out of 100)

[Ann’s note : He’s always this humble.]

92. Musician (or a celebrity) you want to meet?

  • Stevie wonder, and then check if he can see or not.

93. Your current goals

  • Make all Koreans know my face and the name ‘K.Will’. Make them think me as ‘a singer who can really sing’.

[Ann’s note : We should respect the artists as they are, shouldn’t we?]

94. Your schedule tomorrow

  • Go out 6:30 AM and record ‘Music Core’
  • Go right down to Nonsan and record for MTV
  • Come back to the office and do the radio logo song.

[It was written in April 8th, 2007]

95. Kim Hyung-soo, ten years later..

  • I want to be a singer and entertainer whom all Korean people like.

[Ann’s note : I don’t think he will stop singing, so I’ll always be his fan until then, promise. ^^]

96. What questions would you make if you write 100 Q&As?

  • ‘What is the most fresh and the most commonplace question?’

97. How do you think about Hyungknight cafe?

  • I thank them very much ^ ^

98. What are you going to do after answering all of these?

  • Gotta sleep, of course. (It’s 2 AM now.)

99. How do you feel doing 100Q&As?

  • It’s been a long time since I did one of these, so it’s kind of interesting, but I feel sorry for not having brilliant answers.

100. Your words to cafe members?

  • Thank you all for supporting me all the time. I thought of doing 100 Q&A when I get some time,ㅋ. I happened to do it a little different this time. ^ ^





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5 responses to “K.Will, I am…[part4]

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  1. 77. Song you want to sing to someone you love?
    » Hario
    –> i do agree with him..hario is a very romantic song to sing for our beloved… 😀

    thanks for your comment there..
    it makes me realize how much i like him, beside his voice..also his kind heart.. =D

  2. thanks a lot for this
    that was really interesting ^^

  3. 77. Song you want to sing to someone you love?

    . Hario

    My favourite too..i mean..i wouldnt mind if he sing that to me..everyday~ ^^

  4. yaa, i like hario..

  5. i’m doing what everyone above me did lol

    77. Song you want to sing to someone you love?

    * Hario

    dang my knees will sure go weak… 😀

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