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The 2 Romanticists COMPLETED   5 comments

OMG! So this was such a crazy/emotional night! I just first want to apologize for the crappy fancams. My sister didn’t tell me she only had one 1 gig in her camera, so some of the fancams are cut short.  Also this is gonna be looooong…. But moving on.

SOOO my sister and I drove 3 hours to LA ate Japanese food with a friend, took a nap, watched Lakers game and got ready for the concert. We left around 5:15, got lost twice, but arrived at the parking garage around 6ish. We got lost in the parking garage too, but eventually found our way out. We walked around the Wiltern area and got stopped by a security guard. He wouldn’t let us go up the stairs and that’s when we realized we parked in the wrong lot!!! So we rushed back to the car before our car would get towed away. So we got back waited for another security guard to take us to our car and then we moved it to the right garage, and got lost again in the lot. These parking garages are new for my sister and I. LOL you could tell we weren’t from LA. But we eventually found our way out.

We got the Wiltern at exactly 7, there weren’t many people there yet.

There were also signs in Hangeul, and of course they didn’t realize that not everyone is Korean! My sister and I were clueless so we asked a security guard if he knew what was going on. He said one of the performers cancelled but of course he didn’t know how to pronounce the name. He said something S… so we figured it was Yoo Seung Chan. I was freaking out still! I wanted to make sure it wasn’t K. Will, but my sister and I were too shy to ask. The concertgoers didn’t seem to make such a fuss about it. It felt like many were there for Kim Bum Soo, since it is his concert. So I didn’t think it was him who cancelled. We got in line and I called my cousin. I was still freaking out.

A little story about myself:
I had $120 tickets, second row middle for Lee Seung Gi concert last November, but he cancelled and I was devastated. If K. Will were to cancel too, I would just die!!!

She looked on soompi and it said _______ was not going to attend the concert. I was like whom? The next line made my heart drop! I heard Kim BLANK Soo. And I was like OMG! K.WILL = KIM HYUNG SOO! My eyes started to tear up. I mean could not hold back the tears. (WHAT A BABY! LOL) My sister was trying to calm me down, but I couldn’t. I was cussing in anger. But my cousin said NO LUCY! IT’S NOT A K.WILL! IT’S KIM BUM SOO! KIM BUM SOO!
Hahha I was still cussing and crying but I was happy now. When the lady took my ticket, I still had tears in my eyes. I know I felt soo stupid, but HAPPY! I didn’t care though I was going to see my K. WILL now!

We got our seats (Second row middle) and just about everyone there were Korean, but my sister and I and 4 other girls (LOL one of them were Nak ^_^). That’s all I saw, but who knows they could have been more non-Koreans there. We waited an hour and they show started a little after 8. My sister didn’t get the whole intro, but she got half of it. You can hear me screaming when they show K.Will hahaha.

Yoo Seung Chan was awesome! He’s really friendly and made the audience laugh a lot.

He sang his songs and even did a trot stage. He sang one I didn’t know, then mujogeon and shabang shabang. I LOVE LOVE LOVE 1N2D so when they started to do the dance I was laughing the whole time and cheering. Not only that but they guy sitting next to us looks like one of the PDs from 1N2D.

Then Yoo Seung Chan sang I WILL GIVE YOU MY ALL by Lee Seung Gi (OK Lee Seung Gi isn’ the real singer of this song, but I know it by him)and I was going crazy! I always thought the first time I heard that song would be by Seung Gi himself, but Yoo Seung Chan did just as well. He was a really nice guy. He even handed out roses to the audience.

Random note: My sister and I were right in the middle, so the reflection from his belt blinded us. LOL ^__^

As soon as Yoo Seung Chan was finished, K.WILL came on directly. They showed a video and then he came out on the stage.

I was screaming like crazy that I didn’t realize what song he was singing and yes my eyes were watery. When the audience stopped screaming, I realized he sang.. my favorite song! ONE TEARDROP PER SECOND! It was awesome! He even rapped by himself. ^__^ and we made eye contact a few times and even my sister noticed. She said it looked like he looked at me for quite sometime… good to know I wasn’t crazy lol.

He spoke after he finished the song, well, he spoke after every song.

The next song he sang was, if I’m correct is DROPPING THE TEARS. I loved it when the audience sang along. It was such a great moment.

This is my favorite picture btw ^__^

He finished the song and then sat on a stool. He started talking again and soon began to sing. The song was slow and I didn’t realize it at first. But he was singing WILL DO in acoustic. It was sooo beautiful! I think the camera shakes because I was shaking my sister from excitement. In the fancam you can hear me my shocked reaction lol ^__^

He then sang LOVE IS PUNISHMENT with Billiant Legacy playing in the background. Two cute guys on the same stage! Even though Lee Seung Gi is just on a screen.

He spoke afterwards and the only thing I caught was Lee Seung Gi and 1n2d. LOL.

He sang LOVE 119 next. I was soo happy! We got to see him rap more. He got the audience to stand up and clap and dance… and I ran up to the stage and touched his HAND!!! AHHHH! Total fangirl moment! Once he finished LOVE 119, he went directly into CHOCOLATE. It was awesome!

At one point, when he was talking to the audience he did a rap, by OUTSIDER I’m guessing, but it was really fast, so I just guessed it was by Outsider, but hopefully Nak can correct me.

CORRECTED: Ok she says it was Outsider’s Alone.

After CHOCOLATE he walked over to the piano, I thought he was gonna play, but he didn’t. Instead he sang NOBODY and ONE LAST CRY. I knew he would sing that song even though I was hoping for something else…I was hoping for FOR YOUR LOVE, but any English song is good. I think his English is HOT.

Sitting on the stairs, he sang ONCE QUITTED SMOKING. I was happy! Soo far he’s sang all of my fave songs! He told the audience, I’m guessing that this was the last song. He then sang MISS MISS MISS. And left the stage.

And left the stage. The audience started to shout ENCORE as did my sister and I. And of course he came back. He spoke to the audience and started to sing MUSIC IS MY LIFE and Yoo Seung Chan came back out with an arm full of roses! K.Will took four of them and I ran to the stage! OMG! This was my chance!!!! All the tall girls were in the middle of the crowd and me and my short legs were on the side. The one time being short was a benefit. I think he felt bad for my since I was the shirpmy girl lol. He was still singing and looked down at ME! He handed the rose my way and …. A tall girl snatched it from me. The whole time I was thinking: “PLEASE DO NOT LET IT BE THE GIRL FROM SOOMPI!” LOL but I was still pissed!!!! HE LOOKED AT ME!!!! but the flower went to someone else…. T^T

The concert wrapped up and K.Will left the stage as did Seung Chan, but Seung Chan quickly came back and started talking to the audience and took pics. I was waiting to take a pic with him, but there were soo many people. Then he started talking to a friend so my sister and I left. But he has really good English, assuming he’s not from the states.

So we left the venue. My sister was happy, and so was I but I was soo upset about not getting the rose. I mean I should be happy he sang my favorite song and looked at me while singing it!!!! but I couldn’t let the rose go… =[

Today I feel better knowing that I’ll never get the rose, but I am happy I got some really good pictures and I got to touch his hand and he sang all my fave songs and we made eye contact LOL.

1. One teardrop per second
2. Dropping the tears
3. Will Do
4. Love is punishment
5. Love 119
6. Chocolate
7. Nobody
8. One last cry
9. Once quitted smoking
10. Miss miss miss
11. Music is my life

The experience was awesome (minus the rose incident)! He is soo much more beautiful in person! He was only (about) 10 feet away from me. I just wanted to run on the stage and touch his luscious lips kekeke but I restrained myself LOL. He is exactly the way you think. He’s nice, and funny and his voice is soo much sweeter in person. I hope he comes back again!!! And he better bring Lee Seung Gi with him. ^__^

[Ann’ note : Thought it this way, that rose would be in your memory forever.] ^-^

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20100305 K.Will – Love Story in L.A. by Nak   1 comment

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