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How did I make K.Will’s MVs?   2 comments

There are some questions about them lately,  and I might get the same questions more in the future.  So, the best way to answer all you guys, I should write  about it.

First of all,  I would tell you that I’m not a good source to ask “how to” about video making. Because I didn’t know how to do it before I knew K.Will. I didn’t interest in this field (more interested in audio). “Just a repeat” and “Can’t we love once again?” were my first and second videos making in my life. I didn’t count cutting concerts or variety shows in this part because those were so much different.

Here are the list of programs that I use. Most of all are open source programs.

Avidemux – good for avi editing (works with the other containers too) and a lot of stuffs, I’m still learning to use it. Also can encode in many containers. But I always failed with H.264 with some image errors.

Virtualdub – another avi editing

mkvtoolnix – for all mkv’s work. Somehow I like this container more than .mp4. Because when I upload .mp4 to youtube,  mp4 files always crashed or  something wrong when it was streaming (even nothing wrong with the original files and all configurations are the same as mkv).

StaxRip – My first tool that I used for HDTV files. I’m not much familiar with it but it’s good. My first one would be the testing video 1080p that K.Will duet piano with Yuri.

MediaCoder – My favorite encoder,  it’s fast, easy to use interface, works with many kind of files. The most I like about this, I can set up the  configurations that I want it to be and it can encode (transcode) and add subtitle in the same time.

Ulead Studio – I used this program for the first time with “Just a repeat” before that I used Windows movie maker to make still picture videos (the first one was the Soul Special OST).

There are more tools that I’m trying and testing. Some of them I still don’t know how to work with it.

Please leave your suggestions or comments. 🙂


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