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K.Will, I am…[part3]   Leave a comment

It’s a 100 Questions & Answers about K.Will. He wrote it himself on April 8th, 2007. The information are from Hyungknight ( translated by Kelly Han. Sentences in [ ] means that I added additional explanations.

K.Will, I am…

51. When was your first love?

  • One-sided love in high school. First love happend in the 2nd year of my university life.

52. First kiss?

  • When I was 21.

53. Ideal type

  • Someone with whom I just get a feeling, and with whom I would feel joyous.

54. Where do you see first when you see a woman? and why?

  • In the eye. Don’t know why.

55. Older, younger, or same age?

  • I don’t really care.

[this question is about the age of a woman]

56.  Someone who you love or someone who loves you?

  • I think I tend to love someone who loves me.

57. What if someone loves you very sincerely?

  • I would really appreciate it.

58. You’re jealous if someone …

  • is very mean but at the same time dandyish.

59. What would you like to give to your girlfriend?

  • A ring?

[Ann’s note : When the relationship started, guys always gave necklace or bracelace. But his answer was a ring. Wow….] ^-^

60. What is ‘love’  to K.Will?

  • It’s not something I can explain with word.

61. What if your stalker appears?

  • I don’t know yet how I would feel.

62. Love or friendship?

  • Friendship, but don’t really know till it happens to me.

63. When do you want to get married?

  • 31..?

64. Then how would you propose?

  • It’s a secret. (Actually, not planned yet)

65. How many children would you like to have?

  • Three (Both boys&girls)

66. What if your parents are opposed to your marriage?

  • I would persuade them.

67. What do you hear most often by women?

  • ‘I like your voice’

[Ann’s note : LOL, of cause we all like your voice, not only girls.]

68. What would you like to hear the most by women?

  • ‘He’s a fine man.’

69. Your first impression felt by other people?

  • Masculine, good at math, blunt, and playful

70. What kind of people do you dislike(=I hate this kind of person!!)

  • Someone who’s not interesting and whose every single behavior is bothersome.

71. Got any jinx?

  • Not now, but things are starting to get in the way.

72. Your favorite song in your first album?

  • Seriously, every song!!! Every single finger hurts if you bite them..ㅎ [It’s a Korean saying meaning that every child is very dear to their parents.] Since it’s a title, I’ll choose ‘Left Heart’

73. The song you had difficulty with while working

  • <For one thousand days>. It was hard to change the song into my style.

[Ann’s note : I like his interpretation.]

74. What do you think of when you sing ‘Left Heart’?

  • painful memories.

75. Your favorite song to sing (in Karaoke)?

  • Dynamic Duo’s ‘Confession (Go back)’

[If you pronounce ‘go back’ it sounds similar to ‘gobaek’ which means confession in Korean]


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K.Will, I am…[part2]   4 comments

It’s a 100 Questions & Answers about K.Will. He wrote it himself on April 8th, 2007. The information are from Hyungknight ( translated by Kelly Han. Sentences in [ ] means that I added additional explanations.

K.Will, I am…

26. Places you go to a lot?

  • 연습실 [If you translate it , it should be ‘practice room’ but I think that doesn’t explain it so I’ll attach a picture.]

27. First thing you do in the morning?

  • Drink water.

28. What do you do when you’re home alone?

  • Roll in bed. It’s so hard to get up these days once I get inside bed. If I’m home for long, then I clean my room, do laundry, and do some cleaning.

29. Things you want the most?

  • car, scooter, laptop, Nintendo

[Ann’s note : such a boy’s things. lol]

30. Your recent concerns

  • I’m single but trying to find out how to work on my album without boredom.

31. When do you feel you’re great?

  • When I monitor myself singing on stage, if I have no idea how I felt singing the specific part, I know I’ve been really immersed.

32. What are you wearing right now?

  • Shorts and sweat shirts.

33. What’s in your pocket right now?

  • Wallet, key

34. Most serious worries

  • How to stay in shape, and how to cope with it when it fails.

35. The most absurd moment in your life

  • It’s when I went to serve in the army and left there after only 5 days.

[Ann’s note : Kelly told me that he had problem with his shoulder.]

36. The happiest moment in your life

  • When I finally got done with Minesweeper after trying hard for 1 year!!(the highest level)

37. The saddest moment in your life

  • One day in 2006.

38. When did you think you were brilliant

  • well….;;

39. The last time you cried

  • After recording  ‘Love letter’

[It’s a Korean music program.] [Ann’s note : Yoon Do Hyuns Love Letter Episode 240 March 30, 2007]

40. When did you recently feel an overflowing joy?

  • When I had my first encore stage while recording ‘Music Space’

[Ann’s note : Music Space on April 10, 2007]

41.Word that you often use

  • ‘Well?’

42. Clothes you wear often

  • Vintage style jeans or cargo shorts, washed out clothes, beanie, and sweatshirts.

43. Sports that you’re most confident at

  • Basketball? I’m not really good at sports. I just enjoy it.

44. What kind of a boy were you back in schooldays?

  • Always curious and disgruntled. Ordinary but unique.

45. Compliment that you get the most?

  • ‘I like your voice.’

46.What if your friend breaks an appointment?

  • Since I do that much often, I’ll just have to forgive him.

47. Have you ever felt shameful?

  • Every moment when I didn’t put into action all the things I have planned.

48. Most impressive writing or a book?

  • Gury Ryohei’s ‘One bowl of Udon’ comes to my mind.

49. Most impressive movie?

  • American Beauty, The Shawshank Redemption, Memories of Murder

50. What do you cherish the most?

  • My diary (I call it an ancient document. It’s been helping me manage my schedule for four years.)
  • Ring (I bought it like 4 years ago to wear it on stage. I figured many of you were interested in it ^^; I thought I would lost it but now it’s become very important to me, always attatched to me. I wear it all the time as I like stylish things. It’s a bit loose on my left ring finger and a bit tight on my right, so I keep wearing it alternatively.)


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