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Because the special episode of  “Immortal Song” that would air on July 23, 2011. K.Will and Im Tae-kyung will be on this show (along with 6 vocalists that you’d knew from the news). I think, there aren’t much of international fans know about Im Tae-kyung. So,  I would like introduced him to you.

I knew him from the Musical : Jekyll & Hyde, the musical video on youtube. How? At that time, I looked for the Korean lyrics of this song because K.Will covered it on Lalala. So, I actually knew him only a few months after K.Will. He didn’t get me at that time and it wasn’t he wasn’t good enough. Until I heard him again on the ending of “Road for Hope Concert”, only a few seconds that I heard him.

Then, I just quietly follow him, collect his performance occasionally. I didn’t research about him. So, the information here would be friend’s talk, might contain some mistake. I should get to the point, shouldn’t I? ^^

“I hope my music would be a ray of light that gives true color to the object it touches,” 

Im Tae-kyung

Im Tae-kyung (임태경) : Crossover

Tenor Birthday : July 4, 1973 (He’s 38 or 39 for Korean.)

Height : 174 cm

Blood Type : O

Education : –

– Seoul Chungam Elementary School
– The Elite Yewon School (vocal music)
– Institute le Rosey, Switzerland
– Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Massachusetts, USA  
: Major –  Industrial Engineering, Minor – Music (Vocal)

– Master in Engineering, Boston University, USA

Note : Im Tae-kyung was a pupil of Richard Cassilly before he passed away.

He was interviewed on the Vietnamese program that the host motioned about he can speak 7 languages. And his answer was, he studied high school in Switzerland. The engineer turned to be a singer graduated from Boston (Classical Music?? for 7 years).  He is the musical actor now.

Additional details source :임태경

Im Tae-kyung – This is the Moment (지금이 순간) (September, 2007 International Opera Festival)

Im Tae-Kyung – Nella Fantasia

Jo Sumi & Im Tae-kyung – Beauty & the Beast

The most beautiful “Beauty & the Beast” that I’ve ever heard

2011 Musical Mozart – Im Tae-kyung – I am the music

임태경,정선아 사랑하면 서로를 알 수 있어 뮤지컬 모차르트! OST

Im Tae-kyung Mozart fanmeeting

Coz the owner mark the right on video, so I don’t publicize it. But he was so cute there so I uploaded as unlisted. I think, if K.Will want to be on musical, he has to learn running this cute. ^^

Musical Mozart Rehearsal

Musical Mozart the Ending

[MV]Im Tae-kyung – Collar

050712 임태경 – Red Road – 임태경 _(inst.)_변호사들 OST

060209 임태경 – 애상 – 임태경 _용천기 (온라인 게임) OST

061025 임태경 – 처음그때 처럼_ 주몽 OST (Memory of Love) – Jumong

071030 임태경 – 운명_ 로비스트 OST – Lobbyist

100607 임태경 – 꿈, 날개를 달다

101008 임태경 – 흔적_ 서편제 OST

[MV]Road For Hope – 선물

Road for Hope – All Your Love (With 임태경)

110314 임태경 – 나의 길_근초고왕 OST

임태경 cut Icon.101127.(임태경,포맨) You raise me up

Play full cut in 720p

임태경 cut Concert 7080 .110116 – duet Endless Love with Bae Da Hae

Play full cut in 720p

임태경 cut INPUT 2011 SEOUL Conference.110511

Play full cut in 720p

임태경 cut Icon.110605.(임태경,양파) duet with Yangpa “Tonight I celebrate My Love”

Play full cut in 720p

임태경 [you raise me up], [나를 받으옵소서]

Im Tae Kyung(임태경) – O Holy Night (at EBS Space)

임태경 – I Was Born to Love You

1000 songs 101024

1000 songs 101031

임태경 – 희야 101031

5 responses to “Get to Know : Crossover Tenor – Im Tae-kyung

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  1. I became a fan of you, admire you very much and want you to come to romania,to give concerts in Bucharest

    Mihaela-Candida Stefanescu
  2. Amazing singer. When will you be coming to US(New Jersey or New

  3. you are so great. i love your song a lot.

  4. I just came to know Im Taekyung through Immortal Songs. I really appreciate his work. Hope he can come and perform in our country Malaysia one day.
    Wish you all the best.

  5. Me too, love him from hearing Jekyll & Hyde – this is the moment and then searched for his name that took several weeks .I love his voice his manner his smiling his words so much and can not stop listening his song until now.

    Simchiangmai Thailand

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