When did you fall for K.Will?   53 comments

When I got this picture I was thinking about, how I use this? When I looked at him, I ask myself, do I want to be that cat? Hm~~~ If you raised this question 9 months ago (when I first found him), the answer would be “no” (I didn’t love him that much at that time). If you ask me now, I’m not sure the answer would be the same. Look at the way that he hold monkey (cat’s name) or Seok Hyun. Yes… I want to be that cat. 🙂 It would feel so good if someone holds me (I’m a cat now) like this.

So, get back to the topic, when did you fall for him?

For me, it’s been almost 10 months ago (late April last year), I discovered him from the clip “Love is on the way” on youtube. It’s very easy to fall for him with that voice and that song.

How about you?

Would you like to share with me?

Or do you want to pass your message to him?

I’ll try that. 🙂

Last but not least, don’t forget to vote for the song. I’ll close the polls at midnight, Valentine’s day UTC time.

K.Will – Hario (English Subbed)

K.Will – Love is Good (English Subbed)

K.Will – My Last Love (English Subbed)

K.Will – Chocolate (English Subbed)

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53 responses to “When did you fall for K.Will?

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  1. well… i fall for him since i heard ‘dream’ from ‘a love to kill’ soundtrack… I watchcd it maybe in december 2006… but after that i couldn’t find much about him. but ‘dream’ still was on my playlist..after a year or two i find snoflower sung by him on chocolate then his cover of nobody and i fall in love with his voice even more… especially after hearing ‘love over thousend years’.

    • Did you miss his first album?

      Talking about his first album, my favorite songs wasn’t “left heart” but it was “사랑할 때마다 – Everytime we love”. The oldest clip that I found he sang this song on stage on October 13, 2006 (same stage that he did duet 들어요 with J-Lim). That’s almost 5 month before released this album.

      I became an official fan because of nobody.

      • i like love is good the most. but even though he’s songs are great, to me he ill be always master of covers…

  2. Is Monkey his cat ? I know that he is so affectionate to animals too from this picture. Lots of Japanese fans also say K.Will is very affectionate to his fans. First I like him to see the song Love119 because he looks like daesung.(I love daesung.) And soon I realized his voice is amazing to see “Love is on the way” and “This is the Moment” etc. I truly love him now. And maybe will keep loving him because of your videos. Thanks.
    I really like this “Love is good” videos because he is so cute!

    • Yes, his cat names Monkey (weird… lol). (I guess it’s male. <3)

      He always like that with his fans, Korean fans also told me that there are not much celebrities like he is. You might have seen in some clips that he just jumped down from the stage when his fans called for him.

    • I’ve met him exactly seven times since the summer of 2007. He is SO NICE. He was nice when he was just a rookie and he is still nice to all of the fans and I have no doubt that he will always be nice to the fans. He even remembered my name! But he didn’t thank us when he first got a prize from melon for the first time ( you know, every singer does thank their fans) but I think he’s just too shy to do that. He made it up to us at the concert.

  3. One thing that I knew about you guys, K.Will’s fans are such a polite quiet person. You guys just come to enjoy watching, listening and go. Don’t like to comment or vote. lol

    Yesterday, it was highest record viewers almost 2 times than the old one. But the polls and comments still this little. LOL

  4. hello ann…

    i fall for him from I Love to kill ost…
    but start to a serious fans since i cry a lot when he sing ‘one last cry’
    so thouching…^^

  5. When did I fall in love with K.Will? I dont know exactly when but it was few months ago. From City Hall fanvids (fanvid maker used his songs ^^) to hearing his Love is a Punishment and to stalking him over in Youtube and the rest is history.

    When did I fall in love with K.Will? Maybe the closest possible answer tht I can give is when I hear and watch him sing his songs or covers live. Whether it’s in radio shows or music shows. He just nailed the songs. Emotions always oozes out from his wonderful and amazing voice. You just cant help it but to be adsorbed and pulled into his amazing world. Well, you know wht I mean. Hahaha… Amazingly warm guy with such a lovely voice.

    항상 내게 올 사람, You’re my lullaby.

    Teheee….. (^.^) v

  6. When did i fall in love with K. Will?
    Well i first heard of him when he sang Love119 with Mc Mong (Love Mc Mong btw ^^). I liked the song, but i wasn’t in love. it wasn’t until i heard him sing Lauren Hill’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You then I WAS IN LOVE! From his voice to his beautiful face, I couldn’t stop thinking/stalking him lol. I don’t know too much about him, but i know enough to love him ^_^ but this summer was when i really fell in love with him. I love love love one teardrop per second, it’s my fave song, and to watch him perform that song is LOVE! and now i can’t let him go. he’s soo awesome! Also he got me with his perfect singing english.

    I hope he sings an english cover at the concert ^^

    • “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”

      Oh~ I really fell for his move because of this song and really can’t take my eyes off him.

      You can expect “One last cry” from this concert. ^-^

      Let’s stalk him together. lol

  7. when did i fall in love with K.Will?

    I know him from my friend, he shares Miss, Miss, Miss MV fow me to watch..
    and that second, i fall in love immediately with his voice, and i continue to downloading all his song, and fall even deeper with K.Will..

    Searching a lot, hearing a lot, makes me curios about him, and i started to look for K.will information..and thanks GOD i found your blog which is so informative..

    One Last Cry, that K.Will sang, makes me want to cry, i don’t feel like that when i hear it from Brian McKnight..K.Will’s voice has touched me so deep..

    I Hope K.Will will make a full english album, with some remake songs in it..and i hope he would come to Indonesia, I’m surely will leave my work that day only to watch his concert..haha..=D

    • Please, support him, buy his albums. I can tell you that it’s so much different for sure. When I got mine I felt like I listen to his songs first time again.

      I did all of these because I had the same problems with all you guys when I found him. It’s so hard to find his information in English. All information here, I can’t say all correct but I did research well and confirmed some of them to his fan cafe members. 🙂

      • Hey..I do want to buy his album..
        want to have his album for my self collection..
        but It’s really hard for me to find his album in Indonesia..*sigh..

    • I can’t find his album in my country either, only way I can get it is yesasia.

      • I see..you surely a huge fan of him..
        i don’t know either to book online..
        I’ll find out my self..got to have his album for my own satisfaction..
        thanks for your advice.. 🙂

  8. When did i fall in love with kwill?
    Well…It’s about 2 months ago. I’m editing my assignment and at the same time listening songs from tv (Music bank). Suddenly i heard a very touching song sang by a male singer with wonderful voice. When i looked at the tv, i really want to cry at that moment. How come a person blessed with wonderful voice but not with looks? I search youtube that nite for kwill videos and……that nite i developed a strong feeling for him.I fall deeply in luv with him. The way he smile, talk and move are very seductive to me. This is crazy, i know but i can’t help myself. Thanks a lot, because of your blog, i got to know so much about kwill.

  9. Wao I guess alot people here is a great fan of K.Will… I too am amazed by his beautiful voice…

    I first heard his song (Love is a Punishment) in the drama Shining Inheritance…seriously I was amazed with his voice but not so in love yet.. it’s till when I heard his another song (사랑한단 말을 못해서) in the internet drama he acted in when I finally fell deep in love with this guy n started to search for his information n videos.. That’s when I found ur blog..
    Seriously it greatly expanded my information about him.. THX Ann for all the updates from his fan cafe…as I cant access his cafe..

    Hope he will continue to shine n bring us more beautiful n wonderful songs~~ =DD

  10. When did i fall in love with K. Will?
    I know him long time ago..i listened Korea music long time..
    I knew K.WILL is ballad singer..but no detailed to listen his song..
    An accident chance, i saw him in Infinite Challenge(my favorite TV show ) of 090808..
    He sang a little song, .I had goosebumps and made me heart beat fast. when i hear his voice .(i dont know how to expression of emotions at that time)..but i know i loved him..
    i start to seach his song in youtube ,and his information ..many many thing…
    disappointed..in Hong Kong ,i can’t find many news with him..very difficult to buy his album…just can buy by yesasia
    the majority like idol. their idol got TV show .they will make Chinese subtitle..so i cant watch his TV show and find his news (╯_╰)
    i want knew him more ,so learning Korean .
    Every night i listen his song to sleep Improvement of insomnia. his voice can make me sweet
    sleep !!

  11. Umm… when I searched korean ballad singers I found him. I listened to “Love is punishment” on drama, but I didn’t know who was the singer… so when I saw that he was the singer of that song… I fell in love hahaha!
    I love korean ballads and I love him. I aprecciate very much his work and I’m proud to be his fan because, I’m spanish so, when I tell other korean music fans that I like him, they don’t know him…. and I tell them: “You should listen to him”

    Thanks for uploading this blog ^^
    Thanks K.will, you’re the best~~

  12. The first time i heard K.will’s song i was struck by the Korean wave bug and its been two years now, i keep coming back for more. He’s an awesome singer and i will always support him and all his en-devours. Looking forward to his new album and i will try my best to spread the word about K.will in India even though i don’t know Korean i just love him.

    Love you K.will always Muuuaaahhh!!!

  13. i dont when did i started to love his voice… maybe when i listen to 1 of song from the album MISSMISSMISS..then i just love all his songs..i can even cry just by listening to his song.. (im not a korean..) his voice is amazing..it feel like he sing it from his heart…and now im addicted to all of his song.. his voice is truly amazing… macho voice.. i love K.Will…

  14. when did i fall for K.Will?
    When a tv station here aired A Love to Kill. lol.
    Then I searched for him and ended up falling head over heels with Hario 😀

  15. hello..i’m k.will fan from Malaysia…i did fall 4 him maybe just a few weeks before,,,actually i’m in the middle of final exam…while staying up i’m try to search for charice mv then suddenly found the mv that k.will sang wit charice which is endless love..of course falling for his voice 1st..start from that moment i keep finding his mv n the song dat make me love him more is love 119..then now keep finding everything bout him n i found ur blog..it’s very informative blog..congrats…after read an articles n many news about him i’m deeply admire him..his humbleness…read bout how tough him to survive in this industry make me want to support him more n more…i did try go to his fan cafe but i can’t understand..hope u can update more information bout him n lets support him..(did i overreacting?,,haha..sorry thank you..)..n if u meet him tell me dat he got big warm hug n full support from me…ayu from malaysia….saranghaeyo oppa..(just a few minutes learn it)..i really appreciate if u can pass this to him….kombawa to u…

  16. hello, i’m k.will’s fan from indonesia.
    i will share my story about how i love him.
    i did fall for him when i heard his song with epik high. remember that song? music is my life. since that, i listen all his song. but my favorite is when i listen him do live performance. so amazing. love his voice so much!!!!

  17. falling in love w/ k.will when i heard ost. a love to kill…
    god he makes me cry w/ his voice when see his live performance

  18. I have known K.Will since 2009 through his song in Brilliant Legacy, but I am not paying too much attention on him that time. Just last week, when I listened to his duet with Navi (우리 정말 사랑했어요), I was mesmerized with his great vocal ability. Since then, I became his fan and I try to listen to all of his songs…I hope one day I could see him performing live. That would be awesome 😀

  19. enjoy his music especially singing in live ;0)

  20. i first fall in love with the voice that sing ‘dream’ in A Love to Kill. i didn’t know the singer back then. i just love the voice. but it took me months to finally found out it was K Will, (because i was too head over heels and fall in too deep with Kim Bum Soo that i care not to listen to other singers, hahaha).
    Anyway, i put the song (dream) in my daily playlist – offcourse along with Bum Soo’s hits. actually it was a bit late for me to claim K. Will as one of my favourite singer (God, why didn’t i find him sooner!!!). moreover, it was quite a shock when i once heard that he will collaborating with Bum Soo in the Three Romanticists concert in LA. I almost jumped to the roof. Not the fact that i will see it (its impossible for me!!!), but rather that K. Will is in the same track as Bum Soo. Both are such emotional, tallented, one of a kind singers. . .

  21. i know this post has been in here for more than a year already (feb. 2010, am i right? and now is like, what? sept 2011?^^,) and i’m still going to answer the question you posted no matter what ^^,
    i wasn’t quite sure when i started loving k.will’s voice and music (and him as well) but i found him accidentally on youtube. i saw different covers for dahaengida and saw his cover. i think i lost myself to his voice within five seconds of the song. and yes, after that, i began prowling music bars and online record stores for his singles and albums. oh, and by the way, i’m not korean and i’m only beginning to learn the language. but who cares? ^^,

  22. Is it too late?I’d like to answer ur question…
    When did I fall for K.Will???
    For about a year ago. My friend showed me some video when he sang insomnia and so sick at a radio, live. And yahh… you know. His voice is just too great to be ignored… I just fall for him… ^_^

    ps:I’m sorry for my lousy english…:D

  23. when i fall for k.will?
    it 1 year ago
    when I heard the OST brilliant legacy “love is punishment”, I really liked the song because it sounds so sweet and beautiful …
    I always listen to it every day, until I searched on google who sings it.
    he was named K. WILL after that I download all the songs and videos and begin to follow their activities and love her till now.
    I am very grateful to the admin ann because they always share activity on k.will ^ ^

    Elysa Chairunisya Nasution
  24. well..it was a year ago…i recently enter to kpop world…(with SS501) so i found a video where Kim Hyung Jun teach ‘someone’ to do his song steps…you can see here: http://youtu.be/IelaiOHayHg …. that made me ask myself.. who is that guy with the nice smile… 😀 ..

    In that moment i decided to search for a video of ‘K.Will’… and “my heart is beating” apear…i listened to him in a Music Bank ep… when i listened to his AMAZING voice… i fall for him immediately!…. since that day I always listen to him…
    i wanna buy his last album…maybe this month…the price since i live across the world (In Peru) are very high…so i need to save money… =)
    i’ll send you a pic when i receive my album!! 😀

    K.Will saranghae! =3

  25. when i fall for K.Will??
    i think it is for about 4 months ago when he sang ‘lady samba’ on Immortal Song. i knew him at first time in ‘love is punishment’. when i googled it i found K.Will who the singer, i think he isnt korean. but when i watched Immortal Song, i didnt take twice to fall for him . know, i have lots of his video and songs. it is so difficult to get everything about K.Will, such as magazine, or his album.
    and now, when people ask me who drives you crazy, i will answer, absolutely K.WILL

  26. When did i fall for K.WILL? I don’t know when or how. But one day i found myself in love with him. My cellphone is full of his songs and MVs. I search the net to find anything about him. I want to slap everyone who says he is not handsome. I just love him, his smile, his personality, his confident, his voice, his fashion style, everything about K.WILL. One of my wishes is to meet him in person and say “you are the most handsome man and the greatest singer ever.” Can i tell you one of my memories which is related to K.WILL? I hurt my hand a few years ago so i have some problems for special movements like clapping. It was when K.WILL and ALi were competing intensely on immortal song 2. He had lost two weeks in a row and i was so worried he would lose again. They both performed their songs and stood on the platform. The lights started to move and my heart was beating so fast and then… our beloved K.WILL won and i just clapped with my whole strength. It was just a few minutes later that i found my hand was stinging and hurt. His voice made me forget my painful hand. He is a magician. LONG LIVE KING K.WILL

    • This is called “obsession”. ^^

      • No, it’s not. I just love him so much. Obsession is not a positive word for describing someone’s love for a singer. Obsession can affect your life in a negative way, like what saesang fans do. But i feel just like what a fan must feel. If you love him, you want him to win, you listen to his music and follow his news. If you call this obsession, what do you expect a fan to do? Can you call yourself a fan? obsession:An unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone. Do you really think i feel this way? You are insulting me.

      • Love without reason, it is. It doesn’t to be negative or do something bad. It’s impossible that he is flawless. I just look at him, listen to him in real person who has flaw and accept who he is. Sometimes his singing is good, some are bad. It’s alright to criticize. If we always told him that he is perfect, how could he improves himself. How could he grow up in his career?

        If you think this kind of fan is not a good fan that’s I am. And seriously, I don’t care what the other think I am a fan or not. I just do it.

      • I don’t dare to say you are not a good fan. Everyone has their own way of loving someone whether an artist or an ordinary person. I never said he was flawless, did i? i even don’t know him more than you or his other fans. I also don’t love some of his songs and just talked about the way Koreans treat him in lots of the programs. It hurts me when they ignore his singing ability and mostly talk about his looks or doesn’t allow him to appear in his own MVs. That’s why i said “i want to clap everyone who says he is not handsome”. But you know, he’s just a singer whose voice makes me calm and this is the very reason i love him so much. I said ” i don’t know how and when i fell for him” , coz i don’t know since when his voice can make me calm. Does love need a reason? IMO, it doesn’t. You just love and enjoy the moment. Also it’s just one part of my life and i’m not obsessed with anyone. My first and most fave Korean artist is Lee Seung gi. The one i’m crazy about. We- his fans, a.k.a Airens -talk about our memories, our sweet moments which are related to him but never call each other obsessive coz we just love him so much. You want the reason? I can list them. But why all the fans love an artist? Why do you love K.Will? Because of his voice, his face, his personality, his fashion style? You love all of his features, the human K.Will. But if you say i just love his voice but his fashion style doesn’t grow on me, i don’t say you don’t love him or you are not a good fan. You are also a fan in your own way but our definition of a fan is different. BTW, i love this discussion.

      • Yes didn’t say I’m a good fan. You said I’m not a fan.

      • Yeah, i didn’t say you are a good fan and asked “if you can call yourself a fan?”. Sorry. I got emotional when you called me obsessive. But i really didn’t mean it. We all are fans and as i already said, just the definition of the fan for each of us is different. Sorry if i offended you. May you forgive me.Thank you

      • Be reasonable. Actually everything is nothing. One day I would stop doing these. Someday you all will forget about it. All of activities here are only small part of our life. For me it’s a hobby.

  27. I know k.will in his mini album my heart is beating.. I really like his voice.. and after that, I search his song. and I really love hi voice.. 😀

  28. reading through all the comments above, im just speechless. i fell for his voice since ‘a love to kill’ aired in my country. I think that was 2009 or 2010. Its quite difficult to find more info/mv/anything related to him in English back then. But Im so thankful that lately he’s on cable TV in my country almost everyday! he might not look handsome, but he surely sounds like an angel to me.. 😀 he’s slowly joining the hallyu wave!

  29. I fall in love with him when I see him in Immortal Song 🙂 I love his voice… his voice make me melted 🙂 ❤

  30. Hmm when I first fall in love with him.. ? Actually when I tried to find Ost for Kdrama-Faith accidentally I downloaded his song ” You are love” from Arang Ost a week ago. At first I didn’t notice coz the song was not what I looking for. But then when I make a chance to hear it.. I can’t even stop one single day without listening to it.. and then I realize.. ahh this guy voice almost fill up in this drama and this drama.. Gosh.. I really deep in love with him i guess.. lol…. Anyone know where can i get his album in Indonesia?

  31. I’m a new Kpop fan, I knew Kpop since the end of 2010. I’ve fallen in love with K.Will since Please Don’t.. yeah I know I’m late and btw what do you call K.Will’s fan?

  32. Well, I’m a beginner K-Pop lover.. I am a K-Pop lover since the end of 2011 as a SONE.. And the first time I know K.Will is when I saw the mv ‘I Need You’ so it’s about March 2012.. I love ballad songs, so I (immediately) like the song and then I search all the information about him and also about his songs.. I am guy, and that’s the way I enjoy to sing his songs.. Thank you..

  33. when did i fall for K Will?

    hmm i started listening to KPop since end of 2006 or early 2007..even though he also debuted around that time but the situation then n now were totally different..to be more honest i fell in love with his voice when i first listened to his song “Dream” from A Love To Kill OST~i was so in love with his voice that i keep playing the song over and over again..so i tried to search more on him but during that time the sources of information for K-idols were very limited let alone for the singer plus i was a beginner so i didn’t know much on where to get the info etc *sad* so i didn’t get to dig more about him (and at that time i didn’t even get to see his picture)~but i keep listening to his song (he did OST for dramas) and i must admit that i was kinda ignorant for quite a long time even after knowing about him because i was into K-idols *regret* i only came to know his face when i watched him in Immortal Song 2~n i fall for him more coz he’s exactly my type ^^ and when he released his new song “Please Don’t” i was telling myself it’ll be foolish of me if i keep denying my admiration for him..so i decided to give my attention/support to him as much as i give the K-idol 🙂 n i think luck was on my side because i got to see him at the airport when he came to my country during GDA..he’s very nice..i’m sorry i didn’t take any fancam to share here~

    p/s: nice to meet you guys here..lets get along well n share about our beloved oppa ^^

  34. note: I started listening to kpop November 2009 but I wasn’t as involved as I am today.
    가슴이 뛴다 was the first K.Will I ever listened to, mainly because Joon was in the MV (ahaha), and I really didn’t acknowledge K.Will. I just thought that he had a really, really nice voice. I started to take notice when 니가 필요해 was released. At first, it was because me and my friends liked to tease him about the long note he holds in the song. After that it was like “Wow, okay, yes he is really neat I like him.” and honestly that was the only song I listened to that was his. And then Please Don’t was release and that song actually set the bar for me. I don’t know what it was and why it was THAT SPECIFIC song when I had really liked the previous ones. I got the album and it was on repeat for the longest time and when Part Two was released that was also on repeat for a long time. Now my phone is full of his songs and I have a soft spot for a whole bunch of them like Speechless and I Hate Myself and I’ll Be With You (these two songs actually make me cry) and these are just a few (okay i like many songs). And now I just really admire K.Will. I have this huuuuuge soft spot in my heart for K.Will that I really don’t have for other k-idols (opps)

    TLDR; I liked K.Will for a while but fell for him super hard when Please Don’t happened.

    also: K.Will performed in LA on Feb 14 this year and I am REALLY SUPER ANGRY AT MYSELF FOR NOT KNOWING ABOUT THIS. I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THAT LAST MONTH AND I’M STILL BEATING MYSELF UP FOR IT CAUSE WOW WHAT WAS I DOING AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR??????????? (I think i was getting ready for the new semester but still i’m super sad) ;~~;

    another also: yaaay i’m really glad I found this website~~ most of my friends aren’t K.Will fans so I’m happy i found a place where i can satisfy my K.Will-y needs ^^

  35. accidentally just find this blog..im ssssssooooo happpyyyyyy..^.^
    gosh i tought its hard to find people who like him..hello people there..
    it was dream from a love to kill ost when im started to like him..really fall in love with his voice..since that im always following his update..and yess never fail to impress..^.^

  36. when did i fall for k.will?..
    I love K.Will since listening “my heart is beating”.
    after that when he was in immortal song and after that I started looking for all his songs.
    really fall in love with his voice.

  37. I fell for K. Will when I was watching his interview with Eatyourkimchi! I was blushing so hard when I saw how charming he was, so corny and cute! I listened to his songs, but what really got to me was his song ‘We never go alone’. I thought the music was heavenly and when I heard his voice I thought it was an angels! It has saved me through so much grief when I was going through some tough times, so I lean on his songs and listen to them, even if there are some I won’t listen to often. But I fell in love with him and his voice, and this is actually the first time I have loved someone for so long. ❤ I hope one day to learn Korean and write a letter to him and tell him how I feel. :))

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