K.Will’s Biography

Someone started K.Will’s page on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K.Will with short details. We decided to add his works and fill in more information about him. The problem is, it’s hard to find proper references in English especially the old one.

I’ll post the full interview and some of news translations after this.

And more important thing, thank you

– Daryn – Html editor (How convenience I am that I have you. :))

– MiDeCo86 – Editor and re-writer (Thank you again (and again ^-^) even you’re very busy lately.)

– Kelly Han – Korean news translator (I really put a lot of works on you, nothing to say more than thank you.)

– Nak – for your collection, I can’t complete the list without you.

Personal Info

Real Name : Kim Hyung Soo
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 69 kg
Blood type : O (Rh+ ??)
Family : Father and Mother (he’s only child.)
Favorite color : Shades of Blue
Hobbies : Graffiti, watching sports, playing basketball, bowling
Precious things : Diary, ring
Ideal type of woman : Smart girl
Musician he want to meet : Stevie Wonder
Pet : A cat names “monkey”
Personality : funny, chatterbox but a little bit shy and non-smoker



Posted March 14, 2010 by Ann

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