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If  you want rumors, gossips or scandals, I didn’t, don’t and won’t serve you. All information that I posted here, I had checked and re-checked from difference sources.

Why would I do that? When I started research about K.Will’s information. I found out a lot of his information in English were wrong, misunderstanding or distortion. You may saw some corrections that I already informed. I think I should start writing about them.

– He was the song-writer of Hug (English version: vocal guide)

This is one thing that a lot people mistaken long time ago. He only worked with the song-writer (Park Chang Hyun) before this song sold to TVXQ. It was clarified by an interview on KBS World radio (as you all knew that the lyrics of all guide songs are weird).

– Pi of Fly to the sky

The English name of this song should be “Evasion”, not “Blood”. (Daryn made video Karaoke of K.Will’s guide version on her channel.)

– Debuted in Japan

There are some misunderstanding about K.Will debuted in Japan in year 2004.  Someone who started K.Will’s page on wikipedia referred to the page on KBS World. And it also used as the reference information of  “The Romanticists concert” in L.A. early this year.  This information wasn’t true.

When we worked on wikipedia, Kelly was the one who pointed it out. She checked this with K.Will’s fanclub who follow him before his debut. And the truth is he never debuted in Japan before year 2009.

I added some information about K.Will’s concert in Japan here.


I have no idea where this came from. If I guess, on the “Left Heart” debut stage (Music core, March 31, 2007), the MC introduced K.Will and Yoonha together. And they talked about Yoonha’s Japan debuted,  it might be mixed up from this point. There is no concrete evidence about K.Will’s debut in Japan in year 2004 at all.

– K.Will can play bass guitar

Someone tried to add this information on K.Will’s wikipedia page (several times) without any reference. Some of K.Will’s interviews, he mentioned about his mother can played guitar quite good.  From I’m aware of, he didn’t mention about himself. There was no TV show, radio show or outside stage that he showed this skill. None of his fanclub witness his playing. In this point I can’t say he can or can’t play.

News on the internet, especially in English translation, there are some good translation, and some of them distort from the original. There are some rules about wikipedia that all information should have reliable source. Even though, some references could be bias. Of cause I didn’t use the same standard over there because this is fan’s blog. It’s full with fan’s point of view. That didn’t mean I would spread careless information here.

There are some more, but I have to check before write them down.

And yes, I’ve never believed any written on the internet without reliable references. And you don’t have to believe me. ^^


Thank you Mike for stayed up this late and scanned this picture for me.

– The most important thing, K.Will is only child. That joke has gone too far and someone believe it’s the truth. -_-”

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  1. PIC1 SO CUTE~

  2. Just a lil rant (again). There are so much false information on KWill over the internet and his management doesnt seem to even bother to correct them. I’ve always feel tht his management company whether the previous one or the current one haven’t been promoting KWill actively and effectively. Especially for international fans. Everything tht was done for the sake of KWill seemed halfway.

    Just IMO.

  3. k.will, semangat ya.. we love you,

  4. go k.will
    go k.will
    go ………….
    aq slalu mendukung mu,,

  5. Debuted in Japan

    This saying from Internet I guess that is because many people to confuse K.will and K.
    So many information on the website for k.will is k’s.

    I think that’s why.

  6. false information, scandals…, I do not care! K. Will has an amazing voice, great songs. This is the most important. K. Will FIGHTING!!!

  7. i totally agree.. love him as a great singer with an amazing voice ! keep up !!

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