20091225 K.Will first solo concert   Leave a comment

Finally,  I can posted all these clips

The reason that I held all this long because I gave them my words that I won’t post it on youtube. They just allowed me to do these..

These are the sequence of the concert….

Song list :-

– 1 drop per second

-Every time we love + Just a Repeat + Once Quit Smoking + The After effects of Love
– Because that day was Christmas, he sang two carols. Then It snows from the ceiling. ^^
It was very beautiful.!

– One last cry
– Left Heart
– Love 119 + Chocolate  <- K.Will duet with Mario.
Mario was first guest.

Second guest is 8eight.
They sang two songs.

Part one is the end.
Part two started his dancing!

– Heartbreaker + Again & Again + Fire (2NE1)
It’s really exciting. We all stood up!

– Pi + Hug

His birthday…. (you might saw this part on MTV24)

– Hario

– Love is Good < –  This song was his event!
He’s down from the stage and give a flower to audience.
He turn full circle in first floor. We were crazy to death. Ahc~~~~~

-The Day I Didn’t Know Farewell

– Hypnotism
Outsider is third guest.

– Alone

– Miss, Miss and Miss

We shouted, “Encore!”
He wore I♡Hyungknight T-shirt!

Music is my life + Champion

And, he sang the last song with Dropping the tears.

01 K.Will & Outsider – Hypnotism

02 K.Will – Heart breaker

03 K.Will – Again & Again

04 K.Will – Fire (2ne1)

05 K.Will – Music is my life (encore)

06 K.Will – Dropping the Tears (encore)


Adding Video K.Will & Outsider – Alone

Credit : http://cafe.daum.net/Hyungknight

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