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Posted November 15, 2009 by Ann

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  1. Like this so much..

  2. Hi dear.
    I was K.Will fan from Hong Kong.
    Can found this K.Will site .I really happy
    In Hong Kong I never find any his news and buy his CD..just buy by internet..
    Now,,everyday browse this site is my habit ..
    i for him learning Korean ..my boyfriend scold me crazy..haha

  3. hi…
    i’m sooooo happy. >__<

  4. i really love him,,
    maybe in 2012 i will go to korea.. wish met him, hehe ^_^

  5. yeah i do to, for him learning korea.. haha,

  6. hiii XP
    Im K.Will’s fan from Indonesia ^^
    Im so grateful can found this site,,it’s help me to know more update news about K.Will ><
    Maybe someday, K.Will could come to Indonesia…

  7. annyeong…
    i’m from indonesia..
    I really love your voice .. I hope you can come to Indonesia ..

  8. Hello, my name is Jenny and thank you for your hardwork for sharing videos and infos about K.Will. I’m also wondering if we can affiliates with each other, I am the founder of 5starship, the international forum for upcoming boyband from Starship Entertainment.

    • The reason I did this place.

      Before this, K.Will’s videos spread and mixed up with the other idols and no one collect his videos in the same place. It’s hard to find sometimes.

      Second I want some space for his fans gathering. I don’t interest in any idol groups whatever in the same company or from the others. I don’t want anything or any special treat from his company more than their support on K.Will. So, there is no reason that I would care about them. ^^

      The upcoming boy band that is a different kind of music, K.Will may gain a little bit fans because of they are backup dancers. After they debut, I don’t think those fans would interest in K.Will anymore. They may look at K.Will from time to time but don’t interest. The point of affiliation would be out of concept in my terms.

      The most important reason, I have no time. We can share some information from time to time though.

      Beside K.Will I interest in Jong Yeop, Zia and Boohwal. If you have the same taste, I collect some of them.

  9. Hi! I really really like your blog. It’s my first time to meet someone who interested in k.will by his voices. I like him too. I fell in love with his voices since I heard M.U.S.I.C and I started to support and became a fan of him.
    But may I ask you a question? Why would you blocked me in twitter? Did I ask you something harsh? I remembered the last time I ask you who k.will’s noona is. To tell the truth I never care about who his friends are & what music shows he will appeared in, all I care is his music.
    I’m just asking so there won’t be any misunderstanding. If you find me harsh then I accept your action hehe..

    Aah I guess I’m talking too much. Sorry for the comment I typed. hehehehe I hope you give a reply 🙂 thank you :)))

    • There is some forbidden issue for me. If you read all my comments or watch all video comments you may notice what it is. Especially you told that you love him because of his voice, I think you can guess my reason. You are not the only one believe me.

  10. Oo I guess I understand what it is (I guess –“) thank you anyway =)

  11. awesome blog!
    i’m starting falling in luv with K.Will ♥

  12. i love your blog…I’ve become K.Will fan when i heard him sing in Brilliant Legacy. Thanks so much for so many info about him….How i wish i could meet him personally one day!! Thanks 🙂

  13. I would like to ask you that if K. WILL is planning a concert in Central Europe?

  14. Hello. I would like to know about K.Will’s activity in July (if any) and how to get ticket. Thank you.

  15. Hello I’m not a real fan of K.Will but I love his voice very much <3. And can you tell me the name of K.Will's fanclub I want to know more about him and also his fan ^^

  16. Hello ^^ I know it is very late to find out about this website but believe me I was really really very happy to find it as it means I can know more about him. I start noticing him from immortal song and start to follow up on his variety shows. Hence, I start loving everything about him not only his voice. Just that it is hard to find the eng sub variety show about him. ><
    Last but not least, I am very grateful that you gathered every information about him and share with us. ❤

  17. I really like your blog, I love K.WILL…. thanks for shering this.
    I have a question, when I receive an e mail, I click on that and they are asking me for a password… what is it??

  18. Hi!!! I want to share that K.Will won the EYK Best Plot and there is a video “K.Will EYKA Acceptance Speech and Thank You!”, here is the link where you can see it… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX_fZfa_hXA&feature=share&list=PLWQq9lbJ29_1wU5rhgXjG_2ps2DqvmrZ5 enjoy it!!!

  19. hi all,i was k will fan from indonesia , i fall in love with his voice since the 1st time i listen his song..there is incredible,.when he sing really i feel like listen to a love story either it’s sad or happy ending..it really touching my heart so much..fortunely i can find this blog..happy that i can know all the latest about him…hope one day he can go here held a concert like psy..i will have the first sit to meet him…best voice ever…. love k will

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