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Get to Know : Crossover Tenor – Im Tae-kyung   5 comments

Im Tae-kyung Devoted Channel

Im Tae Kyug Devoted Blog

Because the special episode of  “Immortal Song” that would air on July 23, 2011. K.Will and Im Tae-kyung will be on this show (along with 6 vocalists that you’d knew from the news). I think, there aren’t much of international fans know about Im Tae-kyung. So,  I would like introduced him to you.

I knew him from the Musical : Jekyll & Hyde, the musical video on youtube. How? At that time, I looked for the Korean lyrics of this song because K.Will covered it on Lalala. So, I actually knew him only a few months after K.Will. He didn’t get me at that time and it wasn’t he wasn’t good enough. Until I heard him again on the ending of “Road for Hope Concert”, only a few seconds that I heard him.

Then, I just quietly follow him, collect his performance occasionally. I didn’t research about him. So, the information here would be friend’s talk, might contain some mistake. I should get to the point, shouldn’t I? ^^

“I hope my music would be a ray of light that gives true color to the object it touches,” 

Im Tae-kyung

Im Tae-kyung (임태경) : Crossover

Tenor Birthday : July 4, 1973 (He’s 38 or 39 for Korean.)

Height : 174 cm

Blood Type : O

Education : –

– Seoul Chungam Elementary School
– The Elite Yewon School (vocal music)
– Institute le Rosey, Switzerland
– Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Massachusetts, USA  
: Major –  Industrial Engineering, Minor – Music (Vocal)

– Master in Engineering, Boston University, USA

Note : Im Tae-kyung was a pupil of Richard Cassilly before he passed away.

He was interviewed on the Vietnamese program that the host motioned about he can speak 7 languages. And his answer was, he studied high school in Switzerland. The engineer turned to be a singer graduated from Boston (Classical Music?? for 7 years).  He is the musical actor now.

Additional details source :임태경

Im Tae-kyung – This is the Moment (지금이 순간) (September, 2007 International Opera Festival)

Im Tae-Kyung – Nella Fantasia

Jo Sumi & Im Tae-kyung – Beauty & the Beast

The most beautiful “Beauty & the Beast” that I’ve ever heard

2011 Musical Mozart – Im Tae-kyung – I am the music

임태경,정선아 사랑하면 서로를 알 수 있어 뮤지컬 모차르트! OST

Im Tae-kyung Mozart fanmeeting

Coz the owner mark the right on video, so I don’t publicize it. But he was so cute there so I uploaded as unlisted. I think, if K.Will want to be on musical, he has to learn running this cute. ^^

Musical Mozart Rehearsal

Musical Mozart the Ending

[MV]Im Tae-kyung – Collar

050712 임태경 – Red Road – 임태경 _(inst.)_변호사들 OST

060209 임태경 – 애상 – 임태경 _용천기 (온라인 게임) OST

061025 임태경 – 처음그때 처럼_ 주몽 OST (Memory of Love) – Jumong

071030 임태경 – 운명_ 로비스트 OST – Lobbyist

100607 임태경 – 꿈, 날개를 달다

101008 임태경 – 흔적_ 서편제 OST

[MV]Road For Hope – 선물

Road for Hope – All Your Love (With 임태경)

110314 임태경 – 나의 길_근초고왕 OST

임태경 cut Icon.101127.(임태경,포맨) You raise me up

Play full cut in 720p

임태경 cut Concert 7080 .110116 – duet Endless Love with Bae Da Hae

Play full cut in 720p

임태경 cut INPUT 2011 SEOUL Conference.110511

Play full cut in 720p

임태경 cut Icon.110605.(임태경,양파) duet with Yangpa “Tonight I celebrate My Love”

Play full cut in 720p

임태경 [you raise me up], [나를 받으옵소서]

Im Tae Kyung(임태경) – O Holy Night (at EBS Space)

임태경 – I Was Born to Love You

1000 songs 101024

1000 songs 101031

임태경 – 희야 101031