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20110125 K.Will & Haha talk about “Amazed”   1 comment


Singer/Entertainer Haha’s embarrassing video “Haha, Embarrassing ‘Amazed’ Video” was recently uploaded and is attracting a lot of attention.

In this video, Haha is driving his car presumable on the way to pick up his best friend K.Will and listening to a radio broadcast in which he is speaking. Watchers listen as K.Will lists his closest celebrity friends and upon not hearing his name mentioned, Haha becomes angry and furiously begins to sing K.Will’s song “Amazed.”

However, once K.Will gets into Haha’s car, Haha changes his tune and starts saying “I love you Will~!

Netizens who saw this video commented, “Haha and K.Will are really funny. It’s good to see these two people“, “Haha is cute. This is why I like Haha,” and “This is so funny. This is going to be a hit.”


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: TVReport


The part of K.Will’s cut in the car was on video clip 1 in his Christmas Concert blog. You do the match. ^^


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