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K.Will 3rd Album Part 1 : 이러지마 제발 Please Don’t… teaser   Leave a comment

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Pre-order K.Will The Third Album Part 1   Leave a comment

Song List :

01. 술래잡기 (Intro) – Closing My Eyes
02. Butterfly
03. 이러지마 제발Please Don’t
04. 나가면 고생이야 (feat.BEENZINO) – Come to My Crib
05. 환상속의 그대 (feat. 최자 of DYNAMIC DUO) – Hey You
06. You are so beautiful
07. Bluffing

K.Will 3rd Album

K.Will 3rd Album with Poster

[K.will to return with new album after 3 years!]

Solo artist K.will will be returning soon with a new album after 3 years!

The singer’s agency, Starship Entertainment, revealed K.will in a photo shoot for his upcoming album, showing off his approachable image. He was featured in a classic suit and showcased his charisma. The shoot focused on an autumn mood, with black-and-white photos and a heavier atmosphere, grabbing the attention of netizens.

As he will be returning after 3 years, many famous figures participated in the new album. Such luminaries as Kim Do Hoon, as well as the lyricist for IU‘s “Good Day“, the lyricist for 4men‘s “I Can’t“, and many other famous producers, who have created successful pieces in the Korean music industry, contributed to K.Will’s latest album.

Kim Do Hoon worked on the title song, “Please Don’t… “. Kim Do Hoon helped produce several of K.Will’s past hit songs including “I Need You” and “My Heart is Beating“.

K. Will releases his new album on October 11th!

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