20120217 K.Will on Quiz show and Sponge Zero   6 comments

Both show torrent in dropbox

Sponge Zero Special – K.Will, Lee Hyung, Lee Hongki

스펀지 Zero.E417.120217

Quiz Show

세대공감 1억 퀴즈쇼.E07.120217

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6 responses to “20120217 K.Will on Quiz show and Sponge Zero

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  1. Ann… my dropbox not working… sop sop….miss qiute abit of his download,,,,sop sop

  2. i did not delete anything there… strange…hmmm….

    • You were surly did, everything you all did are in log. And don’t worry you are not the only one doing that and has been kicked out to prevent you to do it again. Actually, I sent warning e-mail to you. But you still did that, or didn’t read e-mail or help enough.

      It’s share files to the other too. I can’t let you to do that because it effects to everyone who use.

      I give you 2 weeks to learn how to work with it and will send you the invitation again. But if it happen again. I never give the third chance.

  3. ah… i think i know why.. its the firewall i had .. :0(…. sorry about that..

  4. did not check my hotmail for a while as busy with work as well.. it’s okie.. i do not want to affect the others as well. rather keep the file safe so others can see them. but can u load the shows on you tube if not too much trouble ? only if it is not too much trouble for you.. if not, it’s okie.. thanks for letting me know..have a great day..

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