Inside – Outside K.Will’s first album “Left Heart”   7 comments

I knew that a lot of K.Will’s fans (Korean and International) couldn’t find K.Will’s first album because it sold out. He wasn’t too popular back in the day (can you believe it?). One reason that I do all of this stuff (never did for anyone) because I think, with his skill, he deserve more fame. He should be more popular than this (even more than today).

However,…. finally, I bought scanner. ^^


The rest, mini album and full album, they are available on ^^

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7 responses to “Inside – Outside K.Will’s first album “Left Heart”

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  1. I hope like crazy tht I might be able to find this album during my Korea trip in Oct. I know it’s a slim chance of finding it but I’ll still hunt for it. It’s the only album tht I dont have right now. T________________T

  2. Same here, I’m going to check out the first cd shop I find once I get to Korea.

  3. Thanks Ann! i’m soo jealous you have a copy!!! ahhhh!

  4. Thank you, Ann!I am still looking for this CD! Some day I hope I can get…

  5. In my opinion, his best cd so far.. amazing music in this.

  6. Wow!!! Thank you so much Ann! Like many others I haven’t been able to find it :/

  7. his look more handsome in black hair.. peace… 🙂

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