What K.Will tweetted for Wheesung   1 comment

휘성 방송사고에 케이윌 “휘성이 곰조련 실패해 죄송하대요”

Wheesung bursts into laughter over Kim Tae Woo’s rapping on “Music Bank”

On yesterday’s episode of “Music Bank“, Kim Tae Woo collaborated with Wheesung for a special rap performance of “Words That Freeze My Heart“.

Hilariously, a live broadcast mistake resulted from the collaboration, as Wheesung burst out into laughter after watching Kim Tae Woo stumble with his rap. Being a vocalist, Kim Tae Woo was unable to keep up with the pace and so he stumbled over his words.

Through K-Will’s Twitter, Wheesung later apologized for laughing. “I’ll be saying this in place of Wheesung since he doesn’t have a Twitter. We would like to apologize to everyone for failing to train our bear!”

Meanwhile, on his mini-homepage, Kim Tae Woo wrote, “Bear Tae Woo tried to rap for the first time in 12 years in order to help out my friend Wheesung. Unfortunately, it was a fail. But still Wheesung, don’t you think that you laughed too hard~? I mustered the bravery to rap for you. I’m sorry and I love you, my friend. Wheesung forever!”

Netizens commented, “I laughed along with him”, “This wasn’t Music Bank, it was Gag Bank”, “Wheesung is a person too, he has to laugh if it’s funny”, and “Wheesung’s known to be a professional, so imagine how funny it was.”

Source : allkpop

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  1. so cute ha ha ^^

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