20110311 K.Will old photos reveal   3 comments

K.Will tweeted this photo a few minutes ago, and there are some news about it. ^^

I’m still laughing. He should bring out more and totally cute from the beginning.

Because some comments said he did plastic surgery (you knew where). I already attached his old pictures to those comments that he didn’t.

Hell, I hate misinformation whatever it’s good or bad about him. (Sorry, for the curse sometimes it’s the right word expression.)


K.Will Through the Years

K. Will hasn’t always been the pretty boy he is now, as you can see. The strong singer went through many eras, and many hairstyles, but in the end, he still has that voice that makes you believe Korea can support real singers.

Netizens are amused at the instant comparison, saying, “Oh, it’s so funny, but still K. Will is always cool.”

Source : http://popseoul.com/2011/03/11/k-will-through-the-years/

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3 responses to “20110311 K.Will old photos reveal

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    nothing is changing from him

  2. Have always love his nerdy look. ^^

  3. LOL
    k.will oppa so cute

    Elysa Chairunisya Nasution

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