K.Will The Second Mini Album “Heartbeat” event   6 comments



Source : http://www.melon.com/svc/event/album/2011/event_view_0308_KWill.jsp

Credit : JeHwii

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6 responses to “K.Will The Second Mini Album “Heartbeat” event

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  1. Though I haven’t got a clue what it says, he looks really sexy in that last picture at the bottom ❤
    And it's cute that IU is going to be in his MV, but I don't like that he always uses other people to star in his MV, I just want to see him in his own MV

    • yeah, i agree with u. i want see him in his own MV.
      but he ever said in one of variaty show that he was still scared of the (to looking at) camera. 😀

      • That’s very old show. Because he wasn’t familiar with camera. At that time, beside the concert shows, he was barely appear on TV. Being MC on the Muzit changed a lot and he became naturally more comfortable on TV now. But acting, he still need more improvement. ^^

    • I totally agree with you. Dont like the fact he keep using other idols in his MV. KWill can pretty much sell if he’s in his own MV.

  2. I have the same feeling 3 above.
    when K.will was acting in Seoul special before, acting was nice just like he seemed a little bit shy. Though I am fond of his shy smile, so cute♪

    • His shyness is very natural and naive, I have no doubt of that. I think this is the best personality of his. Because it came from inside. Not much of people in entertainment business would be like him. So, this is might be the reason that I fond for him more and more, no sign of stopping. ^^

      Sometimes, I afraid acting would change him because he has to pretend to be. I want to see him more, I want him to be more popular. But I don’t want him to be an actor.

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