K.Will lost 5kg for his comeback album, releases album jacket photos   5 comments

In preparation for his comeback, ballad singer K-Will revealed that he lost 5kg through heavy dieting in order to present a new image to his fans. The singer recently unveiled his comeback album jacket photos, and fans were shocked to see a sharper jaw line and a more distinctive nose. They commented, “He looks like such a hottie”, “I’m waiting for the new track, but now I’m also waiting to see him perform live with his new image”, and “I hope his health isn’t ruined with the diet!” K-Will’s album is scheduled to drop on March 10th.


Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/03/k-will-lost-5kg-for-his-comeback-album-releases-album-jacket-photos


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5 responses to “K.Will lost 5kg for his comeback album, releases album jacket photos

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  1. I want KWill to be lean and healthy. Heavy dieting is a wrong way to lose weight. He should have lost it through exercising instead.


    I hope he has enough energy for his up coming promotion. I would hate it if I read in the news KWill fainted or admitted to the hospital due to fatigue or exhaustion.

    KWill-shi, please please take care of yourself. Healthy.

    • Speaking of someone who in medical service? Sorry to reveal that, but they should concern about your suggestion carefully. And you are the one who told me that heavy fluctuate weight gain and loss in very short period could effect to the heart.

  2. oh my god so freaking love these photos ❤
    but I hope he will be okay.. bcos heavy dieting is just… waw
    and yaaay gonna see him on music shows ❤ hooraaaay~

  3. Wow the photos look great! But he lost 5kg for this? That’s a lot of weight. Why do Korean artists have to be so thin though, it’s like an obsession there. I never thought he looked fat in his previous promotions, he always looked fine and healthy. I mean, you gotta have something to hold on to right? 😛 But yeah, that’s probably just my European perspective. Anyway, I already pre-ordered my copy, and I would have done so with or without his weight loss ^^

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