Sorry, for misunderstanding [MV Full] K.Will – Amazed   3 comments

You knew that I always did the fanmade video for subbed. Somehow, the popular news website misunderstood it’s the official MV. Again, I made it for subbed. I cut and edited from 1.55 minutes long MV. You may notice a lot of repeating scenes though. I made this MV in 2 versions, one with Korean Lyrics for my channel in Korean site and another one for All about K.Will.

The video on the Korean site, someone edit and crop the logo and lyrics off and it spreads all over Korean site now.  -_-”


It isn’t the official version.


Posted January 25, 2011 by Ann in FanVid

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3 responses to “Sorry, for misunderstanding [MV Full] K.Will – Amazed

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  1. You are really amazing as always
    thank you so much ^___^

    • Before I ended up with this version I was thinking and tried to add some more of K.Will in this MV. But tone of color and image didn’t go along with the whole part. Even it’s only 2.5 second of his.

      So, I decided to change it to Park Siyeon’s cut. ^^

  2. I really like your version of the mv! Do you have a download link for it? Cause SBSi blocked it from my country so I can’t view in on your youtube channel. 😦

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