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K.Will’s new single coming up   Leave a comment

Remember year 2009 when K.Will tweeted his picture with Outsider on me2day? Yesterday, K.Will tweeted this picture and today there are the news about his new single on Friday 21, 2011. ^^

Collaboration between K.Will, Simon D (Supreme Team) and Hyorin (Sistar) ‘기가차’.


Last night we played along with K.Will tweeted, at first I guessed K.Will played with words and their three initial names.


“슈스케 결성~!!? 우리는 슈.스.케 ㅎ ㅎ”


슈. is Supreme Team – Simon D

스. is Sistar – Hyorin

케. is K.Will.

But I didn’t get what K.Will implied for? 슈스케

So, JiHwii tweeted and told us.


Su.S.K is short for “Super star K”.This is a famous Korean program.^^

“Super Star K” is abbreviated to “Su.S.Ke”. “Supreme Team + Sistar + K.will” is abbreviated to “Su.S.Ke”. And…

“Super Star K.will” also is abbreviated to “Su.S.Ke”.^^ㅋㅋㅋ

Sometimes, Korean for some TV programs or even song names are too long to say (or type). As we know here that 슈스케 (Su.S.K) stand for “Super Star K”.

What else?

나비 (Navi) ft. 케이윌 (K.Will) – 우리 정말 사랑했어요 (We Really Did Love Each Other)

Do you what the short version of this song? It’s 우. 정.사. (U Chong Sa)

What else?

Remember this?

Officially used initial name.

E Sung – 여.친.소 (With Taw, Kim Hyung Jung) (Feat. K.Will) – Yeo Chin So

Windstruck (내 여자 친구를 소개합니다, Nae yeoja chingureul sogaehabnida – a.k.a Yeochinso (여친소), literally “Let me introduce (you to) my girlfriend“) is a 2004 South Korean fantasy-romantic comedy directed by Kwak Jae-yong. The film was a major success, ranking as the 8th-highest grossing Korean film of 2004.


How could I miss this,


K.Will – 그립고그립고 그립다  the short term is 그.그.그.

update January 19, 2011

The actress of K.Will’s  music video “Park Si Yeon”.



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