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K.Will – Self-Falling Moon (War of Money OST) – Translation   Leave a comment


케이윌 – 혼자 지는 달

어제와 별 다를 게 없는 하룬데
Todays is not too different from yesterday
오늘은 왠지 다 슬퍼만 보이죠
But today it just seems so sad
누구인들 내 마음 알까요
Would anyone know how I feel?
혼자 뜨는 저 달은
내 이 맘 알까요
Would that self-rising moon
Know how I’m feeling?

늘 곁에 머물렀던 외로움인데
Loneliness always hovered beside me but
어쩐지 낯설도록 서러워지죠
It seems like an unfamiliar kind of sadness
그대인들 위로가 될까요
Would even you be comfort to me?
하루 아침 시들어 갈 사랑이라면
If it’s a love that will wither away in one morning
혼자가 더 편한 나죠
I’d be better off alone

아픈 만큼 웃어요
Laugh as much as you ache
바보 처럼 웃어요
Laugh like a fool
그런 내 마음 한 번
들여다 본 적 없겠죠
I bet you’ve never looked inside of my heart
사랑 그게 뭔가요
What is love?
추억 나는 싫어요
I hate memories
모든 게 정해진 자릴 찾는 그 날
On the day that everything finds its own place
그땐 말해볼까요
Shall I tell you then
미워해 미안했던 내맘을
That I was sorry because I hated you?

저마다 나름의 이유가 있겠죠
I guess there must be some kind of reason for every person
지금의 나처럼 또 그대처럼요
Like how I am now and how you are like
그 누구의 잘못도 아니죠
It’s not really anyone’s fault
만나지지 못할 저 달 뒤에 해처럼
Like sun that can’t meet the moon from the back
그런 운명도 있겠죠
It must be that kind of destiny


서글픈 시간은 늘 그랬듯
The sad time as it always was
모두 흐려놓겠죠
Will make everything cloudy
마치 없던 일처럼
Like nothing happened
먼지 쌓인 추억만 남겨 놓고서
Leaving me the memories with piles of dust on them
잊으라고 다그치다
Urging me to forget
바람 불어 나를 흔들겠죠
The wind will blow to shake me

많이 보고싶겠죠
I assume you would miss me greatly
매일 그리울테죠
You will miss me daily
(또) 먼 어디쯤에서
Far away somewhere
날 잊을 그댈 알면서
Even as I know you will forget me
또 난 그댈 부르죠
But I’ll call out for you again
자꾸 눈물이 나죠
Tears are constantly appearing
정말 이대로 마지막 인가요
Is this really the end?

혹시라도 아주 먼 날
Just in case one day far away
문득 내가 그리워 질 날
On a day that you happen to miss me
이름조차 얼굴조차
Not my name or face
떠오르지 않아도
That you can’t recall
이건 기억해줘요
Please remember this:
정말로 사랑했음은
I really loved you…

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