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A tough year as a singer. Preparing for a concert, I’m cheering up [part 1/2]   Leave a comment

  • 24th, 25th K.Will’s concert

“In the December, I’m living like a singer, doing both things; preparing for the upcoming concert and doing the album work.”

It has been a tough year for singers. Many singers have lost the timing for releasing their albums due to many events, from the Cheonan Ship Incident in April to the World Cup, G20 Summit, Asian Games, and the Yeonpyung Island Incident. K.Will is one of them. The Cheonan Ship Incident broke out when he was promoting  his song  ‘the present’, and when he was about to release his next album, the Yeonpyung Island Incident postponed the plan to early next year.

Saying, “After what I’ve gone through during 7 years after by debut, it’s not a big deal” he comforts himself, but it’s a pity that he couldn’t sing actively this year. Instead, he is preparing for the Christmas concert which will take place on 24th and 25th at Yeonsei University auditorium.



“Last year and this year, I think it’s just before the concert when I feel most like a singer. Of course doing the album work is also the work of a singer, but it’s uncertain and difficult. Now that I have something very certain on the way, I can focus on it. Now I’m just concentrating on pulling a successful concert. Since it’s my first two-days-in-a-row concert, I feel a bit burdened.”

This concert takes place on Christmas so its title is ‘Christmas concert’. What makes it different is that it embraces people who are single and want to enjoy their own Christmas.

“I’m single and many people around me are, too. Every Christmas, there are many episodes about single people; something like they rolled out of bed and Christmas was already gone. I mean, they have rights to enjoy Christmas fair and square. I wish it to be a Christmas that will cover all those people and on which everyone gets happy.”

It has been a year since his last concert. On this matter, he feels sorry for his fans. He had said he wanted to meet them after his first concert by encore concerts or various performances, but a year has passed without him keeping his promise.

“I am sorry that I feel like I have lied. Plus, Korean fans must be disappointed because I have been to Japan a few times for  a concert. I want to make it up to them, so I’m preparing this concert with all my might. I hope they would understand.


Translated by Kelly Han

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