K.Will wallpaper and new official website   8 comments

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Credit : Starship Entertainment



Starship Entertainment has a new official web site. It seem to be just started. In my opinion, they should add more pictures on photo gallery and would be nicer if they put something more than official promotion portraits.

The profile part, there are album cover, all of them should has a link for the song lists and would be better if they add some samples  (like 30 seconds) of each song.

For the videos part, I think they will add more. If it’s possible I prefer better quality, especially on youtube. They seem to do not know how to encode the decent HD video. :p

Last words, about entertainment business, budget is necessary but more important than that is creativity. All of my suggestions here are only the basic things that the other artist official website did.


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8 responses to “K.Will wallpaper and new official website

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  1. Twahahaha…. KWill might scream when he sees this. Netizens digging up his old pics.

    He still look the same since he’s a kid. And I love dorky looking KWill.

  2. hhhhhaaaa.. K.will so cute 🙂

  3. There are something that I don’t understand. Some fans from oversea told me that her Korean friend told her “K.Will is ugly, not good looking at all” when she asked about him.

    How could this boy be ugly?

    • For sure he’s not like those plastic idols.Personally,I don’t find him ugly at all,I’m very attracted to him and his voice.Being completely honest,I’ve always thought he’s handsome:)

  4. cute^^

  5. cuteee.. 8-).. like his voice soooooo muchhh!!!!

  6. k.will 的毎一首歌我都很喜歡,毎日都會聽,U are the best!!!!

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