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We talked about K.Will’s style and his looks a lot on this blog (more like complained actually). It’s only little details. The more we wait for his 3rd album the more we talk about his songs and marketing strategy. We concerned. We’re worried about his new coming album that would full with ballad songs. The sad thing about his 2nd album was “Hypnotism” has been  banned. Even all of K.Will’s songs are good. But it didn’t change that much compare with his mini album. Didn’t have a chance to promote “Hypnotism” was a big lost. Because we all (fans and not fans) wait to see the different side of his. I didn’t surprise that everyone  surprised when they saw his dancing (K-Dragon – Heartbreaker). It’s for the promoting his first solo concert. Do you know that? ^^

There is the suggestion about uptempo, cheerful song. In my opinion, this is not the answer. Did the single “Present” already prove this point? The ranking of this single didn’t higher than “Miss, Miss and Miss”. And adding some idols as the featuring singer may not help that much either. It could get more attention but the song should be really really good too. If his management has the chance to read this. I would say “Don’t use the same tricks”.

Finally, it’s about the song. Are all of K.Will’s songs good enough for him? Did all can show his singing skill? The answer is “may be and may be not”. Good song didn’t mean “The song that hard to sing”. If it is, why would I said the duet with Zia was better than the duet with J-Lim? If we talked about singing skill. That song “Destiny” is still the best duet and one of the best live. My point is,  easy listening song can touch people’s heart. Don’t you agree with me when you listen to “My Last Love”? ^-^

I still have a little hope that he would remake (or special stage) “Love over a thousand years”. If he would do any remake (or special stage) I hope for something like “Nobody” or “Sign”. That means, it would totally changes the genre.

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2 responses to “What we discuss about K.Will lately?

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  1. If I start to rant about this topic, I think I can go on and on and on like an Eveready Energizer Bunny. But I think I’ll contribute a lil bit. LOL. So bear with me for a moment.

    Ann and I had long discussions (mostly rants) about KWill and Ann mention it was on KWill’s style and his marketing. Just simply said we are not happy about it. His management doesnt seem to take good care of his marketing and promotion. They didnt use his full potential. I.e, his ability to sing other different genre which he has proven time and time again during his underground days. Hence the surprise ppl get when KWill did tht Heartbreaker cover. Yes, he can sing tht kind of songs. Yes, he can rap. Yes, he can dance (better with a lil more practice). Yes, he can totally sing a different arrangement for other songs. I.e my fav so far is Nobody. He changed the tempo and the feel of the song and totally made tht song into his own. I loved it. So freakin’ much.

    Another thing tht I’m getting a bit fed up with is the same trick tht his company been using. Idols featuring. It was a good idea when it was only 1-2 times but more than tht is absurd. It’s like trying to ride these ppl for free. Almost putting KWill as if he cannot stand on his own. I hate tht! To me KWill has awesome potential to stand on his own. Carry his own name. He doesnt need tht kind of promotion. Not every time. I dont want KWill to be remembered as an artist who does duet with every single possible idol in the Korean entertainment market. It’ll look ridiculous over time. Sigh. Starship Entertainment, chaebal, wake up from your slumber. Tht marketing strategy doesnt work anymore. At least not for me.

    Another thing tht annoys me since I’m a twitter addict is the fact KWill doesnt use this type of media to expand his fan base. I dont mind if he doesnt have twitter but he DOES have a me2day account tht was last updated in June 2010. JUNE!! You have to remember with the latest technological advancement, keeping updated is just a matter of your finger tip. Updating just takes a mere few seconds. I am not asking KWill to update every few hours but enough to remind his loyal fans tht he’s still alive and kicking ass. It’s called fan service. It’s basic entertainment 101. Sigh….

    There I go again. Rant and rant and rant. Ann, I’m sorry tht I spam your blog. I just hope I’m not the only upset (not too much) fan here.

    Daryn out!

    • You and I are the front line now. The others may want to put their hands on us. LOL

      If they knew what we talked and criticized about K.Will and his management, I’m quite sure we would get more.

      Do I mind that? No. I would do this again and again. That’s because we are not the kind of fans who only be follower. We want everything best for K.Will. So, we do everything we can, the best we can. I hope they would do that as we did. Since they got pay for that. But we all volunteer.

      Daryn (and the others who want to join), do as much as you please. I would be happy with all reasonable comments.

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