What are you wish for K.Will to do?   17 comments

He could be cute, he could be sweet, he could be hot and tempting…


You may curious what I’m talking about…

I’m thinking his new album, the third one, I hope for a lot of things. I hope for something new and different. I would tell you later. Now I would let you to think about it. His songs, his look, his performance or whatever you like or wish for him to do.



Because I’m very busy lately, don’t talk about this weekend. I would come back and fall asleep for sure. Everything would be later. So, I post this blog to let you to play around a little bit.

And about his stylist, I’m not joking he really need to change them. Do you notice his pants style? He worn that style since “Love 119”. I’m going to be crazy every time I saw his pants. Please, change them!! It’s out and not good on him (especially lately). And his hair, if they couldn’t figure it out what is good for him, just let him come out with bedhead.


Update September 16, 2010.

I wish K.Will would do different genre, especially rock. I wish he would add some songs that he wrote in this album. If he would change his image that would be nice (more manly look, because he’s always cute and looks younger than his age.) Take off his jacket suit and wear something more comfortable that we can see his figure. ^^ I believe he has good bones (not only his face structure).

K.Will – Love over a thousand years (천년의 사랑)

Original by

Park Wan Kyu “Love over a thousand years”

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17 responses to “What are you wish for K.Will to do?

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  1. Omo! I 200% agree with the messy out of bed hair style!!!

    And tht loose pants. KWill-shi just dump them into the Han river. It’s time to change those pants style already. I prefer you in jeans instead. You’ll look mighty hot with those messy out of bed hair.


    I’ve lots of other things tht I wish to write about but maybe not tonite. I’ll let others play first. ^^

  2. well, first he looks good in everything…
    i just hope he can wear what he likes…. that’s all.. ^^

    P.S. why you protected the post ‘Protected: K.Will on the shows 2008-2009 (all in 720p)’
    do i have any way to get the password? or maybe can you just make a list of the show that he is on? i will really appreciate that… thanks…

    • No, it’s not true. He didn’t look good in everything. You were blinded by love. lol

      I criticized about his stylists, that didn’t make me love him less. I just want him to look good or better. Somehow, I think they made him look worse. He looks good with T-shirt and jeans I don’t mind if he wears all of those. Actually, I like him more when he’s on casual.

      Don’t make me start with make up issue. That would be very long long talk.

      I already sent password via email.

      And no

      I can’t show the list.

  3. Thanks

  4. well what i mean is his shirt… suit… and those… but not his pants….

    and what you mean by “sent password via email?” what should i do to receive that?

  5. yes. it’s the real one..

  6. I’m wishing for more energetic songs like Love 119 or Chocolate. OR songs like G Dragon’s Heartbreaker 😀 *I love K-Dragon soooo much!!

    Oh shoot. I agree with you Ann, there are A LOT of times when he doesn’t look good kekeke. It is quite a problem for him actually, but for me that doesn’t matter as long as his voice mesmerized me 😀

    Hmm talk about imagining.. I imagine him with Se7en’s new haircut. What do you think? hehehe

  7. I love K-Will in everything but i also wish he can improves his appearance. I hope he will never curl his hair or wears that loose in front trousers. For his next album, i wish all the best for him.

  8. my wish for k.will :
    + more cheerful songs like Choco 😀
    + change his pants style
    + no more curly hairstyle
    + be a fun MC, just relax a bit on MUZIT..
    + come to indonesia hohoo~

  9. Ok. Updating…~

    I wish tht :

    * His management company would read these. Hence the chances of KWill having knowledge of our wishes are better. 😛

    * His recent style of semi formal fusion casual is not working for me. I’m seeing too much of those boring suit jackets. Dear Mr / Mrs / Miss Stylist, he look OLD in those. How could you do this to him! To my dear KWill?!

    * Come up with a new album tht has more funky and upbeat songs. 1-2 awesome ballads would be ample enough from KWill.

    * KWill to embrace the technological age. Use Twitter!! (You’ve international fans u know!) And update it always. All the time! With lots of selca pics! It’s a great marketing strategy.

    * Work out and *ahem* flaunt tht awesome body of yours when you get the chance. *_*

    * Act again in a drama. Soul Special was so short but I liked it.

    * More KWill in his own MVs.

    Oh… I hope it’s not too long of a rant. Hehehe… Though I might update this wish list again.

    • Oh~~
      You demand a lot!!!

      I don’t think they can do all of those. lol :p

    • Seriously, I would curse all stylists if they make him look bad again. But I think they wouldn’t want that way. Just need to figure it out about his image.

      I need 2 things, rock song (just a remake of “Love over a thousand years” is ok for me.) and I really want to see his back. ^^

      • Becoz of his shoulders, Ann? xD

      • You already knew that!! lol

        That’s my weakness. Shoulders like that and that shape. Workout or not I don’t mind.

        How could he be all I love? ^^
        – voice
        – hands
        – shoulders


        There is one more thing, and this I can only know by get close to him. If I have a chance. lol

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