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What are you wish for K.Will to do?   17 comments

He could be cute, he could be sweet, he could be hot and tempting…


You may curious what I’m talking about…

I’m thinking his new album, the third one, I hope for a lot of things. I hope for something new and different. I would tell you later. Now I would let you to think about it. His songs, his look, his performance or whatever you like or wish for him to do.



Because I’m very busy lately, don’t talk about this weekend. I would come back and fall asleep for sure. Everything would be later. So, I post this blog to let you to play around a little bit.

And about his stylist, I’m not joking he really need to change them. Do you notice his pants style? He worn that style since “Love 119”. I’m going to be crazy every time I saw his pants. Please, change them!! It’s out and not good on him (especially lately). And his hair, if they couldn’t figure it out what is good for him, just let him come out with bedhead.


Update September 16, 2010.

I wish K.Will would do different genre, especially rock. I wish he would add some songs that he wrote in this album. If he would change his image that would be nice (more manly look, because he’s always cute and looks younger than his age.) Take off his jacket suit and wear something more comfortable that we can see his figure. ^^ I believe he has good bones (not only his face structure).

K.Will – Love over a thousand years (천년의 사랑)

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Park Wan Kyu “Love over a thousand years”

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