K.Will – Sing Your Love (a Café la – CM Song)   11 comments

Oh~ God, his shoulders…. ^^

Seriously he looks better without stylist. LOL

Remember this picture? It’s on Hug video. He’s bigger than I thought. Did he loose some weight or just look small because of clothes? His body on the video and this picture are quite similar. But he looks smaller on the Muzit.


Daryn, told me that she want to ask magne of 8eight to strip his shirt. LOL

And something like this would happen again.

Posted August 31, 2010 by Ann in Audio, Music

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11 responses to “K.Will – Sing Your Love (a Café la – CM Song)

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  1. Yeah! Someone in Korea just strip the guy if you can get the chance. 😛

    But he’s super cute in tht CF.

  2. Any girl who think she can resist these shoulders, raise your hand. :p

  3. do you have the mp3 of this song? i really like it and wanted to download it if can… please??

  4. do you still have any mp3 of the songs that is not in his album, but he sing it?

  5. he wowed me with his great voice and body ! ❤ i usually dont really enjoy coffee..now i wanna try em!
    Miss him singing on the live shows T_T

  6. His shoulders ehm……..
    Look at his neck, so strong and sexy.

  7. You girls have no idea about the conversations tht I always have with Ann about his *ahem* body. 😛

  8. Something weird about his appearance on TV. Because he always looks small on TV. One of the most frequency question is his height.

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