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Zia – Please, Show Me Your Love (feat. K.Will)   2 comments


지아 – 사랑을 가르쳐 주세요 (Feat. 케이윌)

두 글자 사랑이란 너무나 흔한 것인데

왜 이렇게 설레는 걸까요

눈을 감아도 눈을 뜰 때도


네 글자 사랑해요 그 말을 듣는 순간은

이 세상에 가장 큰 행복이

내 가슴안에 가득 차 오르죠


그대가 가르쳐 주세요

그대 마음 다치지 않도록 해야만 하는 일을

또 이별은 싫어요 내 마지막 사랑

늘 그대이길 바라고 있죠


긴 하루 끝에 서서 힘겨워 지쳐 할 때도

발걸음이 찾는 곳 하나 뿐

편히 쉴 자리 나 항상 그대죠


그대가 가르쳐 주세요

그대 마음 다치지 않도록 해야만 하는 일을

또 이별은 싫어요 내 마지막 사랑

늘 그대이길 바라고 있죠

한 순간 사라질 꿈이 아니길

영원히 지켜질 약속이길


그대만 가르쳐 줄게요

그대란 사람을 원하는 간절한 내 기도를

난 믿을 수 있어요 기다리던 사랑

누구도 아닌 그대라는 걸

내 안에 사는 한 사람 그대

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I would tell you, for the first time I heard this song. This the best duet of K.Will that I’ve ever heard.

OMG. This is breathtaking.

#Update August 7, 2010.

I wanted to write about this song but I didn’t want my opinion would be influenced to your feelings. So, I hope you guys already listen to this song. If you didn’t, please do not continue reading.

Normally, when I listen to K.Will’s new song. At the first time, I didn’t read the lyrics, if it’s possible I don’t want to know the song’s name (that’s impossible, right?). The reason is, I want to absorb all feelings that K.Will sent through his voice, his singing. My Korean is not good enough to understand the meaning of the lyrics. It’s easy for me to open my perception to music only.

At the first time I listened to this song, They both have sweet voice. I couldn’t talk about Zia since I didn’t listen to her song that much. When it came to K.Will’s part, first I almost can’t remember because his voice was so much different but my heart started beating up. So much warm, the way they presented this song warm and sweet but not too much passion at first. The connection between this people grew up, more passionate and ending warm sweet love. I felt like I’m a young girl who fell in love at the first time.

I hope we can get good translation. Because this is not the title track, I wish they would have a special stage together. ^-^

This is sixth featuring song in this year (2 of them are duet). Actually, I should count the single “After the bus left” as his single. How many song he would work? And there are the guide songs, too.

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