If I can ask for someone to be on “The Muzit”

I would say, I want “Soulstar”. You wouldn’t know how sad I am when I saw the news that TGUS has only 2 members left. If Soulstar, TGUS and Brown Eyed Soul were on the same show. I would be crazy.

I hope music trend would be change. I need professional musicians. I need vocalists. I need something excellent to the best. Do I ask too much?

Lee Kyu Hoon : Soulstar – Superstar

Original by : Luther Vandross, The Carpenters

** Orange beanie below the screen was K.Will’s head :p

T.G.U.S  (The guys using sound)

Brown Eyed Soul (BES)

Posted August 4, 2010 by Ann in Music

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