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K.Will and His music show   12 comments

He recorded this show “The MUZIT” (Music + Azit) today (July 14) and would air the first episode on this July 31 on YTN.  Stay tune!!

First Episode guests – IU and Charice Pempengco

Second Episode guests – Supreme Team, CNBLUE (where is Bobby Kim Family (Bobby Kim, Buga Kingz, Gil Hakmi, Double K)?)


I looked for all those news of this show, none of them mentioned about the duet of K.Will & Charice. I’m not sure that would air on the first episode. This recording (on July 14) was 2 episodes recording in one day (for July 31 and August 7). So, it might have some news on the first airing date.

** Update July 22, confirmed with the news today Charice is the guest on The Muzit first episode. Yoo Young Seok and K.Will also have “Special Stage”.

I will upload videos from this show on this channel. (If I can find. lol :p)

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Pictures from “K.Will – Hug” project   6 comments

I couldn’t post all of them, lots of them are capture screen pictures. So, I post some that I think you may not have.


Bonus shots!! He took these pictures in Myung-Dong last year for magazine interview. This set  could call paparazzi’s shot.


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K.Will – Hug (Vocal Guide – English Version)   9 comments

I couldn’t believe that someone ask for this song because they’ve never heard of it. That means I should work harder, shouldn’t I?

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Protected: K.Will Special Stage 2007 (unlisted)   3 comments

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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K.Will’s Style – Hair Styles   6 comments

Hi there.

This is Daryn. I was invited by Ann to post up about K.Will’s style since I like to rave, rant and whine about it. I guess Ann just had enough of my whining about K.Will’s styles to her each time. LOL!

Anyway, I am here to discuss about K.Will styles since his debut days (maybe be perhaps before his debut days) up to the recent ones. Now let’s get right to the point. First of all I want to discuss about his hair. OMG! We have seen a lot of his hair styles. Some I love to death, some I would kill kick his hair stylist for it. Lo and behold K.Will’s hair style over the years.

This is his debut hair. From his first album, Left Heart. This pic is way back in 2007.

Hair style # 1.

Looking all cute minus that bad hair style. >_<

This one made him look like a homeless person. A hot one that is. Heh-heh.

I have to say, I’ve rant and whine to Ann over and over again to never have K.Will go back to this hair style. I’ve always mention to get rid of the stylist. Send in the assassins if necessary. Kidding. 😛 But seriously K.Will-shi if you ever read this post. Never ever again with this hair. Keep that cute face but never that hair style. An dwae!!

Now let’s move to another hair style tht K.Will had over the past years. This one is better compare to his debut album hair. Love the dorky glasses. Now for the second pic, let’s focus on his hair, okay! Don’t let you eyes wander off to *ahem* other part of his body. 😛

Hair style # 2.



[Coz., the picture of him with glasses may not clear enough, so I please all of you with this picture ^-^ , Ann]

Moving to the next one. This one I have to say, is my fav one. Ann knows how much I rave about it. There is not much of his pics with this hair style maybe because like Ann mention before he has this hair style which he was on a break.

Hair style # 3

This pic doesn’t fully justify my fangirlingness moment. So I decide to link the YT videos along with it.

And then we have his short hair style.

Hair style # 4

Another one would be his short and medium fluffy hair.

Hair style # 5

And finally his latest stylist’s experiment on K.Will’s head (it could perhaps be K.Will’s own doing.) I have to say, get the hot iron ready coz if he keeps this up for far too long I’m gonna straighten those precious hair up myself. Now, revealing the fluffiest hair I’ve ever seen on my baby K.Will’s head. The dreaded Goo Jun Pyo hair style. *gasps*

Hair style #6


P/S : Need more ranting and raving. Will add those later. I’m liking his # 3 and # 5 hair. ^_^

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2010학년도 오리엔테이션 – 케이윌   Leave a comment

2010학년도 오리엔테이션 – 케이윌 (1-3)

– Dropping the tears
– 1 Drop per second

2010학년도 오리엔테이션 – 케이윌 (2-3)

– Love 119

– Chocolate

2010학년도 오리엔테이션 – 케이윌 (3-3)

– Miss, Miss and Miss

– Music is my life

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Sometimes, I miss his old days   10 comments

I found lots of his old clips, sometimes I miss him and watch them. Every video has a story,  there are places, people and feelings. Sometimes, I feel sad because he was not much popular and they just forgot him.  How good he was back there and even better now. I became his fan only a year, I can’t say that I know him much. But I really try to..

Let’s think off him together…

I have a quiz for you guys. “Can you tell me the first song on this video?” (Of cause I knew the answer)

Last one, this song is quite special for me. Once I got his CD and listen to all tracks, I got hit by this song because of the music (it’s a little bit jazz). At first, I felt this song is so cute (Mike translated this song for me after I mentioned it to him).  As the song’s name “Love is good” whatever kind of it.

This is track 6 from 1st album “Left Heart”. He sang this song on his 1st solo concert and that the fangirl’s moment because he stepped down from the stage and gave roses.


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