K.Will and His music show   12 comments

He recorded this show “The MUZIT” (Music + Azit) today (July 14) and would air the first episode on this July 31 on YTN.  Stay tune!!

First Episode guests – IU and Charice Pempengco

Second Episode guests – Supreme Team, CNBLUE (where is Bobby Kim Family (Bobby Kim, Buga Kingz, Gil Hakmi, Double K)?)


I looked for all those news of this show, none of them mentioned about the duet of K.Will & Charice. I’m not sure that would air on the first episode. This recording (on July 14) was 2 episodes recording in one day (for July 31 and August 7). So, it might have some news on the first airing date.

** Update July 22, confirmed with the news today Charice is the guest on The Muzit first episode. Yoo Young Seok and K.Will also have “Special Stage”.

I will upload videos from this show on this channel. (If I can find. lol :p)


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12 responses to “K.Will and His music show

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  1. wish i can watch it too.. 😦 congrats KWILL! u ARE the best!

  2. Thanks a lot for the update. Do you have any livestreaming links of this show on July 31 and the time? A lot of fans are excited to see Charice on this show. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Please upload it right away. thank you.!!!
    with english subtitle please.

  4. Wow, thanks a lot for the megaupload links of Charice. Pls. tell us how to join these .ts files. Thanks again for your sacrifice in doing this. Appreciate it very much.

  5. I’m glad I have HJSplit and the resolution is an amazing 1920x1088p which is very clear in my HD projector. The whole length of 21:20 is all worth it. Thanks again Ann for sharing with us. Hopefully, someone can make an English subtitle of the whole show so I can enjoy this more together with my friends. Appreciate it Ann.

  6. can you upload it in avi. the file is too big.

  7. Hello Ann, i wonder where are the mega upload links for charice’s starking videos? may i have the links please? I really appreciate your effort. 🙂

    • I have something to say before I answer this question. There are some situation happen in the last couple days.

      I knew someone who attended K.Will’s concert in Japan. I have friends who were in his concert in LA in the front row. I have friends who follow him even before his debut. They told me the stories. All stories are the same.

      He is a beautiful person from inner. He is the most sincere celebrity that they’ve ever known.

      From what I saw, heard and knew, I consider those are true.

      They say he is underrated, or not much popular. This is not the fact, it’s only nitizen’s imagination. Actually, he is extremely popular in Korea. It’s like everyone know he is a very good singer.

      Do you think, NHK would invited no name unpopular singer to represent Korea on “Asia Pop Festival” last year?

      Do you think Charice’s agency would let her duet with unknown singer who host a small professional musician music show that his co-host is one of the best composer to appear on the first episode of this show? They didn’t expect a good work???

      He started this career as a vocal guide/trainer since 2002 (He was 21 at that time). He worked with Rain (Bi), TVXQ, Fly to the Sky and lot of Korean singers. TVXQ even used to call him “선생님” (teacher). Do you think he is not good enough?

      He always humble about his talents, but everyone kept saying he is one of the best Korean vocalist.

      Because the duet with Charice, a lot of people would recognize him more. But I have a question. Would they love him, support him or they would attack him as some of you did?

      I’ve never thought my kindness would hurt him like this. I’m very sorry. Sometimes, I think I shouldn’t post that duet video.

      I think some of you didn’t deserve this sharing.

      So, I deleted all those files that I uploaded, not just the links.

      Have a nice day,


  8. It is indeed very disappointing to learn that there are such people who does not know how to appreciate “real artist/performer”. I may have not known K. Will as an artist very well, yet, I became more interested in him after their melodious and soulful duet with Charice, and for me, he is an exceptional singer/artist, or I must say one of the best among Korean singers i’ve heard, based on the videos of his previous and various performances i’ve seen. However, we cannot argue the fact that no matter how talented and popular an artist can be, there exist despicable antis and unappreciative people who cannot seem identify true talent. Nevertherless, I totally understand your point and I respect your decision. Thank you, I sincerely appreciate your good intentions.
    Have a nice day as well. 🙂

    • Actually, if they criticize the way they sang, like or don’t like. Those would be acceptable. In K-Pop, I aware something worse than these. But once they started to insult the others who work on the show because they didn’t get what they want, I think that’s out of the line. All of those behaviors were irrational even I try to explain everything.

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