Pictures from “K.Will – Hug” project   6 comments

I couldn’t post all of them, lots of them are capture screen pictures. So, I post some that I think you may not have.


Bonus shots!! He took these pictures in Myung-Dong last year for magazine interview. This set  could call paparazzi’s shot.


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6 responses to “Pictures from “K.Will – Hug” project

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  1. Nice to meet you.
    I am a fan of Mr. K-Will who lives in Japan.
    A lot of information is always obtained on this site. Thank you.

    This image is very wonderful.
    It was moved deeply.

    • I hope you guys can share some photos or clips from his concert. I knew that they’re very strict about taking picture in concert over there. Anything you would like to share, please come here. ^-^

  2. wow wow wow! Love ya ann! I dont hav these pics so thank you for sharing!!

  3. love that pic 6. i always look forward to what he wear for concert.. 😉 still cant figure out here, why does he look so different from his 1st album? is it the hair? or is it the weight?

    • I think, it’s about his hair style. Because, when he debuted his first album, his figure was not much different from his 2nd album look. But in the second half of that year, he gained a lot of weight (more than now actually, I guess he gained at least 10kg lol).

      As I always say, he has very nice face structure, especially his nose and cheekbone. ^^

      Whatever, he’s always cute for me.

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