K.Will – Hug (Vocal Guide – English Version)   9 comments

I couldn’t believe that someone ask for this song because they’ve never heard of it. That means I should work harder, shouldn’t I?

Posted July 11, 2010 by Ann in FanVid, Music

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9 responses to “K.Will – Hug (Vocal Guide – English Version)

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  1. woww want those great photos!! pls post em all !! XD

  2. sorry..im asking too much T.T huhuhu~

  3. Do you have his latest photos? If u have it, pls post. Tq.

    • The latest one that I have he was on the show. Actually, I should say the one he was on the world cup stage.

      Beside that, wait for Japanese fans, He’ll have a concert in Osaka on this July 24.

  4. thumbs up to d song. (obvious isnt it? coz kwill sing it.. haha!)

    ann.. i want those pix too! (sasyaquiqe: oops..)

  5. i was wondering if you will ever put the video of him singing digital bounce and mimic on public….

    • Do you have any good reason? Since I post more than 4 of Digital Bounce videos on Youtube. If you really want see it you can find that performance.

  6. Thanks so much for this amazing song…it was one of the first i listen to…but singing by him…is just wonderful

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