Sometimes, I miss his old days   10 comments

I found lots of his old clips, sometimes I miss him and watch them. Every video has a story,  there are places, people and feelings. Sometimes, I feel sad because he was not much popular and they just forgot him.  How good he was back there and even better now. I became his fan only a year, I can’t say that I know him much. But I really try to..

Let’s think off him together…

I have a quiz for you guys. “Can you tell me the first song on this video?” (Of cause I knew the answer)

Last one, this song is quite special for me. Once I got his CD and listen to all tracks, I got hit by this song because of the music (it’s a little bit jazz). At first, I felt this song is so cute (Mike translated this song for me after I mentioned it to him).  As the song’s name “Love is good” whatever kind of it.

This is track 6 from 1st album “Left Heart”. He sang this song on his 1st solo concert and that the fangirl’s moment because he stepped down from the stage and gave roses.


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10 responses to “Sometimes, I miss his old days

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  1. i first heard of him when our local tv plays ‘love to kill’. the song, dream, really made me fell in love with the voice.. kinda a stuck to him until now. its just sad that some very popular korean artists dont even sing well, but our kwill here.. just.. speechless.. thanx to u now i can watch any mv/clips i want from this site.. 😉

  2. that happened to me too. i mistook his voice as Rain’s :S kekeke
    and when i found out it was him and i found his songs, whoa~ i’m fangirling him until now 😀
    and yes, thanks to you, fangirling him is waaay easier now kekeke :DDD

    he will always be remembered as a singer with great voice, not just an ordinary singer. he’s definitely an extra ordinary one 🙂

    i dont know, but for me, K.Will’s voice is a symbol of sadness (?) i know he is good at cheerful song too, but at sad songs, he’s definitely the best. his voice is like ripping your heart ~,~

    • I even said he is a special, rare and really unique at the first I found him. And I believe that he is a great singer now, but he could be better and better. As I posted the Motto for him that

      “I know you’re very talented, I know you’re awesome. Even though, you can amaze me again and again and again.”

      You know what, even now he still can “amaze” me.

      Sometimes, I didn’t imagine that he could do this good but he did beyond that. ^___^

      I can’t find any words to describe this guy.

  3. Ann, you obviously k.will’s no 1 fan. There is so much you did to promote him such collecting materials for this website and upload his video in youtube. i’m sure u did all that with luv. You deserve to get special attention from him. May be he can give you something special,…let’s say special dinner together, what do u think? He he he.

    • No, I don’t need anything like that. haha

      I hope K.Will would get what he deserved. He should get more attention, more fame and more popularity. Of cause I want to attend in his concert or get his autograph as the other fans want.

      Only thing I ask for what I did all of these. Please love him more and more. ^-^

      By the way, you wouldn’t know about his fans in Korea, they’re even more dedicated than me. They followed him since before debuted. I really love them because they always support him that we have chance to know him more. Can you guess our translator came from? Without their help, how could I do all for these?

      • Really? If u are given a chance to meet him personally, will u reject it?
        May be u’re right. Fans in Korea are more dedicated but as far as i knew, only u are bothered to translate all his information in English. Very grateful to u. If u don’t mind, are u Korean?

      • You don’t believe that I would say “No” lol.

        Dinner together, No, for sure.

  4. I believe everyone can play a lil bit of role in promoting KWill. I manage to influence few of my friends with my constant KWill playlist tht I blast from my laptop during work hours. They end up liking almost all his songs.

    Though it’s nothing much but I do hope tht KWill will have wider fan base.

    And we seriously need to get more Korean – English translators. So many clips, videos and interviews left untranslated. T____T

    Wishful thinking.

  5. I accidentally found his song “na nappeujyo” that sang with Kim Taewoo (it’s bout 4 month ago), and then i falling in love with K.Will. He is so talented musician and singer… but, what a pity i cannot found their video clip… and thanks God i found “All About K.Will”, then i can learn and know bout him.. ^^

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