If I have to move…   3 comments

Do you want to follow? And how could I contact you? 


I didn’t mean to but I may have to.. I hope it would be long long time from now. 🙂

So,  please leave your comment . If I have to..  I’ll contact all of you. Another channel that you would know about this blog is twitter. I should be more careful about everything.

Keep in touch!!

Posted July 2, 2010 by Ann in Uncategories

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3 responses to “If I have to move…

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  1. Do you mean move your website to somewhere else? ):

    I will definitely follow, i can only come here for all the kwill news.

  2. nooooo! i just discovered you today.. its really difficult to find English sources of KWill on the net. please dont move..

  3. oh nooooo…, Please don’t move. if you leave us, then I don’t know how to get news about K.Will in english… or just let me know how to follow you…
    PS: in the name of K.Will, please dont go…

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