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Sometimes, I miss his old days   10 comments

I found lots of his old clips, sometimes I miss him and watch them. Every video has a story,  there are places, people and feelings. Sometimes, I feel sad because he was not much popular and they just forgot him.  How good he was back there and even better now. I became his fan only a year, I can’t say that I know him much. But I really try to..

Let’s think off him together…

I have a quiz for you guys. “Can you tell me the first song on this video?” (Of cause I knew the answer)

Last one, this song is quite special for me. Once I got his CD and listen to all tracks, I got hit by this song because of the music (it’s a little bit jazz). At first, I felt this song is so cute (Mike translated this song for me after I mentioned it to him).  As the song’s name “Love is good” whatever kind of it.

This is track 6 from 1st album “Left Heart”. He sang this song on his 1st solo concert and that the fangirl’s moment because he stepped down from the stage and gave roses.


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If I have to move…   3 comments

Do you want to follow? And how could I contact you? 


I didn’t mean to but I may have to.. I hope it would be long long time from now. 🙂

So,  please leave your comment . If I have to..  I’ll contact all of you. Another channel that you would know about this blog is twitter. I should be more careful about everything.

Keep in touch!!

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