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I could say the reason the I created this blog because Monmon’s channels had been suspended and it  happened a few days after K.Will came back with his second album (if I’m right it’s Nov. 8, 2009 and again yesterday).  I guessed the other uploaders would be the same situation. A week after that, only a few uploaders uploaded K.Will’s performance (and I’m not sure I could find HD quality that week).  What would I do? I didn’t post his concert every week; the problem is my uploading speed is really really bad and unstable especially with youtube (always crash on me). What would I do? I looked somewhere else that I can post his video and tested wih Megavideo. Actually, Megavideo’s quality is quite good I like the part that I can use “Mega Manager” for uploading and can continue when it broke. But the video processing is sometimes good, sometimes bad (It took 10 minutes for HD or week -_- ) and search engine is weird in bad way. And the most important it can’t embed on wordpress.

At the first, I only thought this place would be the place that I posted links of K.Will’s cut. And I don’t mind if you all would share them, re-link, hot link or post them on any streaming site, even didn’t credit me (but, please, always credit all translators though ^-^). Meanwhile, I got volunteer translator from K.Will’s fancafe member. And now we have something more than sharing links. Somehow, Kelly is very busy with her study, she stopped all translation from now on (such a amazing girl, isn’t she?). So, we’re back at starting point again.

After my channels (annlaser and allaboutwill2) had been suspended and came back, and got another 2 strikes on both channels again. I decided to close all videos from TV program to keep “Soul Special” (that I only got permission to post on that channel only, I can’t give away all subbed that didn’t belong to me, though sorry). Kwillshows  also got 2 strikes (will be gone soon, I have some unlisted videos there too) and then I created the unlisted channel http://www.youtube.com/user/kwillunlisted. I hope, youtube would leave some space for us that we can share our love to the artist. All videos that posted as unlisted wouldn’t show on public search or upload view. That means no one can find them without the links. What would I do next? Still have no idea.

Any suggestions, ideas, comments, feel free to do it. I have some forbidden issues that some of you already knew. Please don’t do that I’ll delete and block from all of my spaces.

PS. I try to post the best quality I have. Some of you who can’t access Megaupload, can download from youtube. I knew that youtube quality would drop more than half, so you can keep or re-encode in smaller size. Some of re-sizing videos are the same reason though.


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  1. Though it’s sad not to be able to spread KWill’s love publically (at least on Youtube) it’s better off than having nothing. I just hope tht more ppl will visit this site in the future. ^^

    • Even more sad for new comer, same situation as I had last year. Actually, now is worse, a lot of K.Will’s videos had been deleted, lots of uploaders stopped.

      Only thing I can tell, save everything you need.

  2. Ooo…. I noticed his new bling few weeks back too. Hehehe….

  3. argh! Youtube is so cruel.. (o_o) btw this blog is my only source for anything about k.will..coz i cant undstand korean so pls keep updating ! Thank yoou ANN <3<3 *busy downloading all k.will vids

    • i’m in the same situation as sasyaquique -> this blog i my one and only source of infos about k.will. so please, keep updating:)

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