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Making all of Music – K.Will – Present (MV)   1 comment

Every time you wake up from sleep new songs are released, and every time you flip the TV channel new faces are being introduced. To make one song, many song&lyric writers stay up all night and singers try very hard to make the song complete, singing the same song hundreds of times over and over again. However, once the song is released people don’t just go “It’s really good!”. So they struggle to shoot a music video which would maximize the song’s feelings, and to come up with an original choreography which will be notable on stage, all in order to win people’s minds in the harsh competition. Through all these procedures, one song comes to life.

Melon Music Story’s role is to notify people of lots of people’s passion and effort behind the scene. It will be done by giving out a series of the making film of the music video and unkown scenes.

Today, we present you with the making of the music video ‘Present’ through the eyes of a staff.

Preparation of the music video : Casting a music video director

It is common to hire director after being done with the song. Yet with this K.Will’s new music video, we finally got to work with someone whom we’ve been anticipating very much. (He is the director of several commercials.)

Who is he~?

He is the very person who worked with with Korean Air commercial, ‘America, how far have you been ?’, Peter Vanila. Of course there’s been lots of concerns about explaining to a director about a song that is not completed- the melody, concept, and so on. However, the expectation went up higher as I felt the feeling that beautiful video is going to be made.

D-2 till the shooting : The lyric is decided

The lyrics of the song is decided!! The lyrics expressed the joy and happiness of love, saying “The most beautiful person in the world is you.” Couples deserve to be blessed by this song~ It would also be comforting people like me, people who are lonely though the spring had come.

K.Will showed his expectation “I wish many people feel happy with this song,” looking at the lyrics. With his wish, he quickly recorded the song (guide recording) along with the final lyrics and sent the file to the director.

*What is a guide recording?

Before the real recording, it is done with made-up lyrics or humming to make people(this time, the director) grasp the concept of the song.

D-10 till the shooting : The meeting with the music video staffs

A meeting was held with the director and co-director about the synopsis. The director wants to make 샤방샤방 omnibus type of ‘love-love’ music video. Just thinking of it tickles me. The director is to send us more specific continuity. Hold on… omnibus type? Then the casting should be wonderful!! We should sleep over it a bit. With the assignment of casting of the music video, the first meeting was over!

D-7 till the shooting : Casting of the music video actors.

We decided to find someone who can express the freshness of first love, in accordance with the concept of “the most beautiful present given to the loved one” that the director suggested. “What if there was someone you loved?” Uhm.. someone who is light-hearted and buoyant to fit the beautiful lyrics. Someone who has a smile which everyone will consider as being ‘lovely’. Someone like who? We searched for the nominees of the casts.

First of all, mission accomplished, a mission of casting three beautiful boys – Dong-ho from U-kiss, Ki-kwang from BEAST, Chundoong from MBLAQ-, Jin Ji-hee from ‘kich high up the roof’, who’s publicity is skyrocketing these days, and Wang Seok-hyun who played the main character in ‘overspeed scandal’. Finally, K.Will. K,.Will as the last card! (Actually, we’ve been doubting if we should put K.Will or not until the last minute. Sorry, K.Will ^^;;)

Now, all there’s left to do is to adjust the schedule. In fact, this is a bigger task  T_T.

D-5 till the shooting : Seriously getting down to the filming

I’ve got the synopsis for the music video. Beside that, filming team, producing team, light team, casting team, and art team have been made very smoothly. Staffs are important but most of all, for this project the selection of the backgroud place is going to be the key thing. As it will be done with so many actors, the renting of the place and and the adjustment of their schedules are not going to be easy. Such many people have to be at the same place at the same time, so there’s also a concern for the weather… Just as I thought, as they were all active actors, the scenario had to be immediately editted while fitting the schedule. Finally the date was set dramatically!! Feburary 17th became the day. Happy, so happy I was!!

Arranging the schedule for each actor is still on my list. Though it seems impossible because there is lunar new year’s day coming up, since when did it matter to us? ^^*

D-1 till the shooting : Last minute check-ups

During the new year’s holiday, sponsors, equipment rental companies, and many other companies aren’t going to be in. It seems that all the work from renting equipments to getting sponsors for the clothes has to be done today… but, the acotrs’ schedules are not decided yet.

The timetable I set earlier goes like this. Ki-kwang→Ji-hee&Seok-hyun→Dong-ho&Seok-hyun→Dong-ho→K.Will→Chundoong. Still, Ki-kwang and Ji-hee’s schedules were not set yet, so the co-director is almost crying. Phone calls…crying..calls again..cry again.. phone calls….

First, we decided that K.will should shoot first at the crack of dawn! Chundoong from MBLAQ has a schedule in the remote region and he says it’ll be 2 AM when he comes back. So let’s adjust the schedules between the two.

Oh! There was a call and finally the schedule was all set. Yippee!

morning 07-10 : K.Will

10-13 : Ki-kwang

13-16 : Ji-hee & Seok-hyun

16-18 : Seok-hyun

18-23 : Seok-hyun & Dong-ho

02-05 : Chundoong

This is the final schedule. Yet I’m guessing it’s going to be over by around 8 in the morning, as it’s going to be longer than expected, like it always does.

Filming D-Day

Finally, the big day came^ ^

K.Will woke up at 5 to do the hair and make up, and was ready for the filming at 7. I felt a bit sympathetic to see his swollen face in the morning but he looks buoyant as it is the first time for him to participate in his own music video. Actually he has been shooting his scene in every one of his song, but the thing is that it’s always been totally cut out in the completed music video.

Sorry, K.Will. We can’t assure you this time, either ^^;;

While the process is going smoothly, it’s taking, like I expected, more time than in the plan. Ji-hee has to leave soon, and the clock ticking keeps bothering me. The shooting’s going slowly while my heart is pounding fast. Fortunately, there was a call that Ji-hee’s ‘kich high up the roof’ schedule was postponed a little bit due to heavy snow. Ji hee, cheer up a little bit more!!

The highlight : Seok-hyun and Ji-hee’s love scene

Originally, it’s a scene where they kiss each other on the cheek, but the couple’s age difference is 4 years. Lips of short Seok-hyun just can’t reach Ji-hee’s cheek, lol. In the end, they were made to sit in front of the window, Seok-hyun with a few books under him.

To the cue sign, from Seok-hyun to Jihee, and from Ji-hee to Seok-hyun. Cut sign was give. Everyone claps saying ‘good job’, when Seok-hyun suddenly says “Let’s do it just once more.” The actor wants it, so they let him do it one more time. The moment Ji-hee inches her lips to Seok-hyun’s cheek, Seok-hyun, all of a sudden, turned his face around and kissed her on the lip!!! The scene that seems just like the one for which they had practiced a hundred times has just been made. All staffs acclaimed Seok-hyun’s courage and gave him an ovation. K.Will, from the back, said “Yeah, that’s a true celebrity.” and was impressed by his wit.

★Seok-hyun and Ji-hee had their first kiss this day~ The historic moment is in the MV, so everyone should anticipate~!!★

It was at 6AM that all the scenes were clearly done. The shooting has been going on for the full 24 hours!! Indeed, all staff and actors&actresses, well done. ^_^

One music video is completed!

The end of the music video filming is not the real end. There are still processes of editing, subtitles, and etc, for a more complete music video. In the end, it will be provided to fans through broadcasting companies and online music services after the converting of the file. Now, all there’s left is to expect the fan’s great love with our pounding heart.

Translated by Kelly Han

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