20100310 K.Will – Present (Feat. Eun Ji Won)   9 comments

You are the biggest present in my life.

Thank you for all happiness that you give me...

You bring back my life and my soul….


NG kiss scene turned to be G, all news this morning talked about this was the first kiss for Seok Hyung and Ji Hee. ^-^

(Hot kiss scene with K.Will wouldn’t count. LOL)

[Ann’s note for MV : The meaning of white (bar) is “White Day”, March 14.]

Update March 11 : This single reached 1st ranking in many online music charts (Melon, Dosirak, Bugs, Daum Music,  Mongky 3, etc.) yesterday. His activities start today on Mnet Countdown, Music Bank on March 12, Music Core on March 13 and Inkigayo on March 14. He will be on KJE’s Chocolate next Saturday. Stay tune!!

K.Will – Present (Translation)

The most beautiful moments of my life
are the moments I met and loved you splendidly.
Now I know what you are, the biggest present of my life.

Eun Ji Won1
Baby girl, you’re my angel.
Cuz your beauty makes me fall for you.
Toward my dark life you came like a bright light.
You held my hands tight.
When it’s tough, when it hurts, I smile because of you.
When I fall and I tumble, I cheer up because of you.
U the only one in my life, it won’t change.
because my love for you will last forever.

I think I have something to say.
It’s a bit late but I haven’t got to say it till now


We talk together, we walk together.
As we’re together, the moments are blissful.
We’re two different people, but so alike
that some ask if we’re siblings.

Eun Ji Won2
We walk the same way, and we look in the same direction.
You’re so precious and I’ll protect you, so trust me.
You mean everything in my life.
As long as we stay together, happiness overflows forever.


I won’t let go of your hold.
Like a man, I’ll keep my words.

Eun Ji Won3
Time passes, world changes,
but I’m always there for you.
You’re the only one on my mind.

Cuz I love you more than anyone else.

Eun Ji Won4
Words are not just enough to describe you.

The most beautiful person in the world is you.
Saying it a thousand times isn’t enough.
I’ll show you forever how much I love you.

Eun Ji Won5
Because my love for you is everlasting.

Translated by Kelly Han

케이윌  선물 (Feat. 은지원)

* 내 생애 가장 아름다운 순간은
널 만나 눈부시게 사랑했던 순간들
이제 나 알아 너라는 사람 내 생애 가장 큰 선물

Rap> Baby Girl 넌 나만의 천사 아름다운 네 모습은 날 반하게 하니까
어두웠던 나의 삶에 한줄기 빛처럼 다가와 내 손을 꼭 잡아준 그대여
힘들어도 아파도 웃게 돼 너 때문에 넘어져 쓰러져도 힘을 내 너 때문에
U the only one in my life 변하지 않아, 널 향한 내 사랑은 영원하기 때문에
(너는 내 인생에 오직 한 사람이야)

하고 싶은 말이 있나 봐 늦었지만 아직까지 하지 못한 말

* 반복

우리 둘이 얘기하고 우리 둘이 걸어가고
언제나 둘이라서 행복한 이 시간들
서로 다른 사람인데 우린 서로 많이 닮아
남매이냐는 이야기도 가끔 듣곤 했었지

Rap> 우린 같은 곳을 길을 걸어가 또 같은 곳을 바라봐
누구보다 소중한 널 지켜줄게 믿어봐 내 인생 모든 의미
언제나 둘이 함께라면 행복만이 가득해 영원히

* 반복

지금 잡은 네 손을 놓지 않을게 남자답게 약속 지킬게

Rap> 세월이 지나도 세상이 모두 변해도
항상 난 네 곁에 내 맘에는 오직 너밖에

누구 보다 사랑하니까

Rap> 그 어떤 말로도 널 표현하긴 부족해

이세상 가장 아름다운 사람은 너라고 수천 번을 말을 해도 부족해
얼마나 너를 사랑하는지 영원히 가르쳐 줄게
널 향한 내 사랑은 영원하기 때문에

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9 responses to “20100310 K.Will – Present (Feat. Eun Ji Won)

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  1. thanks a lot for this :DD

  2. Thanks for this video..
    nice MV of K.Will..but why don’t he shown up more than other..TT

  3. I’m wont be complaining this time around. Well… not much. 😛 I’m glad KWill actually even appears in his OWN MV. He does have a track record of not showing himself in his MVs. So, in a way, I’m very happy with KWill’s Present MV.

    Yay! ^_^

  4. Yes, he also said that he appear on his MV first time on love119 and then this single. I don’t understand why he’s not much on his MV but appeared on some of his featuring songs.

    I like the one on Come2Me. Actually, he looked and looks so good on all of them I hope for more and more.

  5. @darynrose:
    yes, you’re right..
    we even can count how much he appeared on his MV..
    wish he could shown up more in variety show too..
    i think it’s a way to satisfy his fans too..^^

  6. Here’s the english translation of this song..^^

    The most beautiful moment of my life is…
    … When I loved you after meeting you
    Now I know that you’re the biggest gift of my life

    Baby girl, you’re my angel
    Cuz I’ve fallen for you by your beauty
    You, who grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the dark
    Even when I’m struggling, I can smile because of you
    Even when I fall down, I can get back up because of you
    You are the only one in my life, that will never change,
    Because my love for you is eternal
    (You’re the one in my life)

    I still have something to tell you
    It might be a little late, but these are the words I never got around to say

    The most beautiful moment of my life is…
    … When I loved you after meeting you
    Now I know that you’re the biggest gift of my life

    We would chat
    We would stroll
    These were the happy moments because it was just two of us
    We are two different persons
    But we’re alike
    And sometimes people would ask if we are siblings

    We walk the same path
    And share the same view
    I will protect you, so trust me
    You’re the reason of my life
    If it’s just two of us we can be forever happy

    The most beautiful moment of my life is…
    … When I loved you after meeting you
    Now I know that you’re the biggest gift of my life

    I won’t let go of your hand
    I will keep my promise like a man

    Even time passes by
    Even if the world changes
    I will be by your side, because you’re the only one in my heart

    Because I love you more than anyone else

    You can’t be described with words

    It wouldn’t suffice even if I shout that you’re the most beautiful person countless times

    I will show you how much I love you
    Because my love for you is eternal

    credit to: http://musictology.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/present-k-will-present-feat-eun-ji-won/

  7. beautiful comeback!! he has a lot of confidence now to show up on his own MV…SO GLAD!!

  8. Kelly translated the talking part too.

  9. Thanks Ann and Kelly..it’s easier to read..

    romanization :

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