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Happy Valentine’s day   5 comments

K.Will – I will love you

Original by Zoo – 널사랑하겠어

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I want to hear you say “I love you” ten thousand times per day.

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When did you fall for K.Will?   53 comments

When I got this picture I was thinking about, how I use this? When I looked at him, I ask myself, do I want to be that cat? Hm~~~ If you raised this question 9 months ago (when I first found him), the answer would be “no” (I didn’t love him that much at that time). If you ask me now, I’m not sure the answer would be the same. Look at the way that he hold monkey (cat’s name) or Seok Hyun. Yes… I want to be that cat. 🙂 It would feel so good if someone holds me (I’m a cat now) like this.

So, get back to the topic, when did you fall for him?

For me, it’s been almost 10 months ago (late April last year), I discovered him from the clip “Love is on the way” on youtube. It’s very easy to fall for him with that voice and that song.

How about you?

Would you like to share with me?

Or do you want to pass your message to him?

I’ll try that. 🙂

Last but not least, don’t forget to vote for the song. I’ll close the polls at midnight, Valentine’s day UTC time.

K.Will – Hario (English Subbed)

K.Will – Love is Good (English Subbed)

K.Will – My Last Love (English Subbed)

K.Will – Chocolate (English Subbed)

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K.Will, on the move to the Asian music festival as a Korean representative   Leave a comment

K.Will, a musician with great talent, will participate in the Asian international music festival, which will be held in Nigata, Japan as a representative of Korea.

On the 10th, NHK Enterprise said, “we invite K.Will to ‘Asia Pop Festival’ that will be held on upcoming 14th in Nigata, Japan.”

Many other Asian celebrities will be on the same stage as K.Will. Gackt from Japan will be on the stage. From Taiwan, top star He run dong(Peter Ho) and Jerry Yan(from F4), who has become famous after playing a part in the Taiwan version of ‘Boys over flowers’, will take part.

On this day, K.Will will sing some of his popular songs on stage : ‘Dropping the tears’, ‘Miss, miss and miss’, ‘Love is punishment’, an OST from the Korean drama ‘Shining inheritance’. It will be broadcasted throughout Japan nationwide through NHK.

With his excellent singing ability, K.will has been attaining popularity, having succeeded with his songs continuously in Korea. As he is getting attention in Japan recently as well, he is expected to become another celebrity surfing the ‘Korean wave’.

Translated by Kelly Han

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20091129 K.Will – One Last Cry [Kobe, Japan]

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20100205 K.Will – Pond of Tears (Hyun Young’s music party)   1 comment

When he sings any songs live, it’s really something. Oh~ my…


K.Will – I still believe


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20091117 K.Will, back with ‘K.Will-ish’ album soaring as a representative ballad singer.   5 comments

Here came the season when fierce wind passes by. There’s nothing better than a ‘deep’ ballad song that will comfort our lonely hearts in this cold winter. That’s why I think of him a lot in this season, K.Will.

He’s the kind of man who goes well with this season, singing ‘deep’ ballad with his deep voice. K.Will is back with his official second album, ‘Miss, Miss and Miss’. Tears are going to pour only by reciting the title.

When I listen to ‘Miss, Miss and Miss’, I’m surprised at the sorrow and when I look at the album I’m amazed once more at his sincerity. He released an album packed with as many as 18 tracks, which isn’t too common in this day and age. There’s not one song which is less important to him.

# Lucky to come across such a song

When I was to meet him, the first thing that I was worried about was his health. He has suffered from H1N1 influenza, which made me wonder about his condition. He has had high fever as if he had been through a heartbreak.

K.Will said, “I’m really fine now. I can’t even count how many times I’ve said that. When I caught the flu, I couldn’t even open my eyes due to the fever that was as high as 40 degrees Celsius. I was most concerned about my voice. I had too severe a fever that I even worried my voice would change,” he smiled.

Despite all the worries, his voice was fine, no, it was even deeper.

K.Will introduced ‘Miss, miss and miss’ as a song that impressed him so much that the moment he listened to it for the first time, he wanted it so bad. “Great songs make me wonder if the lyrics or the melody was written first, and this song certainly did. Some even said that as a singer it is a very lucky thing to come across such a song.”

K.Will said, “Nowadays, there are so many songs which only care about public popularity. But as a vocalist, all I ever want to do is sing and not care about all those formulas for success. That’s why I put emphasis on authenticity of the album. In a nutshell, this album is like Korean food, in that the more times you experience it, the better it feels.”


From ‘Love119’ to ‘Dropping the tears’, every song he released was responded with much enthusiasm from the public. That might made him feel more burdened. In this situation where people were expecting the song K.Will’s going to bring, what he chose was the regular tactics for the attack.

K.Will explained, “Thinking that now is the most important moment, I wanted to show who I was and that I’m still in a stage of developing.”

It looked like he had a special affection for the song ‘Love119’, which made today’s K.Will. I wondered what kinds of thoughts he had in mind when he was gaining great popularity.

K.Will reminisced, “I thought, ‘No one’s supposed to really die out’. I once saw Han bi-ya say on TV ‘The moment you fall off a cliff, you’ll realize that you have a wing’, and that’s exactly what I felt. I doubted a little when I saw that I had a wing. Part of it was because I haven’t accepted anything so easily before. That much I was stunned, happy, and on the other hand I felt pressure.”

#Adventurer K.Will

K.Will says he doesn’t like a game in the bag. He likes the one in which he has no idea if he will win or lose, so that he has to throw himself into it. It’s the same this time. Man outstanding singers are active lately, but that only makes him more willing to sing earnestly.

K.Will said, “Singing industry thesedays is just like the chaos in the ancient Chinese history. There are so many songs, and the music charts flip and turn every day. It is also very energetic now that many solo singers have made their comeback stages. This situation keeps urging me.

What does K.Will feel like when he sees the idol groups? He confessed, “I envy them in that they can sing at an early age. Plus, when I made my debut, all I had was my song. But those kids, they not only sing well, but also dance very well, not to mention their good-looking appearances. They seem ‘just perfect’. Especially when the group SHINEE sang ‘You’re so beautiful(Replay)’, I loved the song, but I had somewhat of a stereotype that songs that sound too much like western pop music are difficult to gain popularity. But when I watched them as they were becoming more and more popular, I was a bit envious.”

#Man’s age Thirty

K.Will turns 30 next year(2010). Thirty, it’s another point to start over.

K.Will confessed, “As people age, it’s natural to have a change in their thoughts. I have thought that there has to be a special occasion for a person to change, but as I get older I’m gradually changing. Looking back, I realize that I’ve changed a lot. When I saw babies before, I just thought they were cute. But now, I could almost cry at how beautiful my friends’ babies are. Sensibilities change as well. It also feels natural.”

K.Will is having his first solo concert on December 25th at Yeonsei Univ. “I’ve never imagined I could wrap up 2009 with my very concert. I am in the seventh heaven. I guess I can expect a heart-throbbing year. Recently, as I’m trying my best to make this concert the best one, I’m quite nervous. I cried at my debut stage and my first showcase. Probably I will do so after this concert,” he smiled.

To a question if K.Will cry when he gets the first place in a music program, he responded with a smile. “Well, I don’t really know until it happens to me.” It feels like he’s going to soar as a representative ballad singer with his new album.

Translated by Kelly Han


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20100203 K.Will – 사랑까진 안돼요 (Ob and Gyn Doctors OST)   5 comments

Title: 산부인과 여의사 / Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors
Also Known as : OB/GYN Doctors

Not so far as my love

I can’t do it, forgetting you.
I can’t do it, not seeing you.
This love is more difficult than dying for me.
I’m even happy with the long waitings.

I can’t do it. However far I run away,
I just keep going around in circles.
Though you’re not around
and you don’t smile to me,
I’ve never felt this happy before.

Not so far as my love,
not so far as my heart.
My sore feelings,
someday you’ll notice, too.
Though it hurts
and this love’s like a poison to me,
my mean heart and my head will
remember you and wait for you.

I can’t do it. Several seasons pass by,
but I’m waiting here just like this.
A glimpse from a distance is fine.
I just want to see you again.
I’m even okay with your man next to you.

Not so far as my love,
not so far as my heart.
My sore feelings,
someday you’ll notice, too.
Though it hurts
and this love’s like a poison to me,
my mean heart and my head will
remember you and wait for you.

For a long time you’ve been secretly growing on me.
This love that I can’t stop, it’s for you…so,

I want to love.
I want to give all my heart to you.
I want to live for you,
the time given to me.
If it’s a love I can’t quit at my will,
I’ll just wait here like this.
No matter when it is,
as long as you come back.

Translated by Kelly Han

사랑까진 안돼요 – K.Will

난안돼요 그대를잊는다는게
난안돼요 그대를못본다는게
죽는것보다 내게는더힘든사랑이라서
긴기다림도 난행복한데..

난안돼요 아무리도망쳐봐도
제자리만 멤도는걸음이라서
곁에없어도 나를보며 웃어주진않아도
이렇게 행복한적은 처음이니까

사랑까진안돼요 내마음까진 안되나봐요
이런내마음언젠간 그대도 날알아 주겠죠

나아파도 이사랑이 내게독이 된대도
못된가슴은 내머리는 너를 난기억하고또 기다릴 나니까……

난안돼요 계절이몇번바껴도
난그대로 여기서기다리는데.
먼발치라도 떠난그댈다시 보고싶은데..
니곁에 그사람도난 괜찮은데…

사랑까진안돼요 내마음까진 안되나봐요
이런내마음언젠간 그대도 날알아 주겠죠
나아파도 이사랑이 내게독이 된대도
못된가슴은 내머리는 너를 난기억하고또 기다릴 나니까……

오랜시간을 아무도몰래 혼자 키워온내맘
멈출수없는사랑 그대니까..

사랑하고싶어요 내마음을 다 주고싶어요
내게허락된시간을 그댈위해살고싶어요

내맘대로 끝나지도 못할 사랑이라
이렇게 여기서 기다릴께요 그게언제라도 돌아와 준다면….

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Protected: Songs from Live!   13 comments

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