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K.Will, I am…[part1]   2 comments

It’s a 100 Questions & Answers about K.Will. He wrote it himself on April 8th, 2007. The information are from Hyungknight ( translated by Kelly Han. Sentences in [ ] means that I added additional explanations.

K.Will, I am…

1.  Name :

  • Kim Hyung-soo.

2. Birthdate :

  • December 30th, 1981

3. Bloodtype : O~~

4. Education :

  • City planning in Hyupsung University (I guess I’m expelled by now)

[He didn’t go to the university after he came back from the military]

5. Height, Weight, Shoe size, Eyesight :

  • A bit less than 180cm./ It fluctuates between 68~70kg.

280mm./ 0.3, 0.4 (I don’t remember which is left or right)

6. Got a nickname? :

  • Brian Hyungknight

[It’s because he sings lots of Brian McKnight’s songs well, and his Korean name is Hyung-soo.]

7. Religion :

  • My own type of Christianity

8. Motto :

  • Make sure there’s nothing left to regret when I die.

9.Personality :

  • Typical O kind of personality with a tinge of  A and B. I’m active and have a bit of timidity. Sometimes I could get inflammable.

[In Korea, people know it’s untrue, but they sort person’s character into 4 types. A, B, AB , and O, relating bloodtype and personality.]

10. Family :

  • Mother, father, me and Monkey (my cat)

11. Favorite color :

  • Blue and blueish colors

12. Favorite season and why? :

  • Autumn. (Don’t like spring because of yellow dust)

13. Favorite food :

  • I’m not one of those gourmet kind of people,  so I eat almost anything well.

14. Do you happen to cook well? :

  • I’ve been living on my own for 3 years,  but can’t say that I’m good at cooking anything.  (Once my seasoned ricecake came out well)

[Seasoned ricecake is a Korean food]

15. Food you can’t eat :

  • I’m allergic to 간장게장 and I can’t eat food with too much pepper.

[간장게장 is a Korean food, in which crabs are preserved in soy sauce]

16. Hobbies :

  • Graffiti, watching sports, basketball, and bowling.

(It’s been ages since I did any of them, except Graffiti.)

17. Good at anything other than singing ? :

  • I was good at drawing, but now.. it got rusty.

18. Drinking capacity and drinking habits? :

  • two bottles(?) of Soju. /Nothing special, but I get a little talkative and pretend to be awake when I’m actually nodding off.

[Soju is alcohol that many Koreans enjoy]

19. How long do you sleep & your sleeping habits? :

  • I can’t say exactly because it’s so irregular./ Before falling asleep, I toss a lot but once I do, I become as still as a corpse. I fall asleep instantaneously.

20. Country you want to visit and why? :

  • Well.. first, it’s America. I just vaguely dreamed of it since childhood, as I listened to lots of American pop songs.

21. Body part you’re most confident about :

  • My hands.

22. Body part you’re not confident about :

  • My feet.

23. WHat do you think when you look in the mirror? :

  • Oh, that’s me.

24. People you revere and why? :

  • My dad. It’s kind of hard to explain why. Anyway, he’s a great man and  a respectable father.

25. When you get angry, what would you do? :

  • Dunno


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