20100222 Hug (English Version)   6 comments

He appeared on a lot of variety shows lately. ^-^

Download this show

K.Will – Hug (English Version)

20100222 K.Will – 사랑 스러워 (Kim Jong Kook)


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6 responses to “20100222 Hug (English Version)

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  1. As much as I adore KWill, I just have to say this. I think I hate tht green jacket he’s wearing.

    But KWill…. ❤

  2. Thanks you so much. He’s very handsome. green jacket……It’s o.k.

  3. I like this episode. If it’s possible I want it’s subbed the whole show.

  4. subbing this vid would be a great idea coz i dont understand what theyre talkin about..:)

  5. that song od kim jong koon…i wish he would sang entire song… it’s awsome.

  6. what kind of variety show it is?
    i’d love to watch the whole show..hehe..although i don’t know what are they talking about…
    kamshanida.. 🙂

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