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Singer K.Will is back this November with his official second album ‘Miss, miss and miss’. After his big hit on the song ‘Love 119’, he has become one of the busiest singers as he also succeeded with ‘Dropping the tears’ and ‘One teardrop per second’ continuously. It has been one year and eight months since he released his official first album ‘Left heart’ in 2007.
K.Will is quite confident about his second album, which has eighteen tracks.

He says, “Some songs just make my blood tingle. ‘Miss, miss and miss’ was that kind of song. That’s why I chose the song as the title song for my second album without hesitation.”

“People say that if the title song is good, then the other songs are made without effort. However, I have ‘none’ that I did without effort. That’s because I took every single song seriously.”

When you listen to K.Will’s album you’ll just get a sense of how much effort he put into his vocal. There wasn’t any striking change in his tone or singing style, but he adjusted his voice a little in order to become a better ballad singer.

As people started to recognize K.Will’s name and face when he sang ‘Dropping the tears’, K.Will showed his desire to be recognized as one of the best ballad singers of Korea with his song ‘Miss, miss and miss.’

“There are fads and formulas to succeed in ballads, too. ‘Miss, miss and miss’ is a song that excluded all those things. But with the matter of authenticity, I can proudly say that this song is the best. I want people to feel just how I felt when I first listened to the song,” he wished.

“At first when I started singing, I’ve heard comments like ‘Ballad is really not your thing’ or that I’m not good at expressing Korean feelings. But I think I’ve improved through the song ‘Left heart’. I was very unstable when I was singing ‘Dropping the tears’ as it was a first ballad song after ‘Left heart’. After that song, however, I became quite assured as a ballad singer.

Not so many times, but K.Will’s experience of going out on big variety shows like ‘Radio Star’ and ‘Infinity Challenge’ made his face widely known to general public.

” I came to do many things that I didn’t originally plan to. I was worried that people might see it a little awkward that I, the one who always sings sad songs, showed many other aspects. These schedules kept me busy, but being busy was a lot better than having enough time to feel burdened.”

Now that it’s been three years after his debut, K.Will’s now desiring to take the first place. He described the long way to the first place as ‘going out into the storm with no umbrella’. He has got composure as he can smile saying, “But I think I can get through it quite well. I went out with a determination.”

“If I had been obsessed only with the first place, I wouldn’t have come out with ballad. But I believe that good music will be loved someday. Whenever it is, it’s just that you have to hit the peak at least once, to sing for a long time.”

K.Will is going to see one of his dreams come true. On the upcoming Dec 25th, he will have his own concert for the first time after his debut.

“As I’m a music lover, performances somehow make me very concentrated. I am so hapy to have a concert that I’ve been dreaming of.”

“I’ve done many performances before, but by the idea of having a concert filled with my songs, and not others, I’m just ineffably impressed. I think I can go anywhere and say proudly that ‘I’m a singer’, now that I’m having my first concert.”

Translated and rewrote by Kelly Han
Source : http://news.nate.com/view/20091117n06009

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  1. I think K.Will’s album is great..hope he could make the No.1 soon..^^

  2. Thanks for the info. It’s very hard to get kwill’s story.

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