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K.Will, on the move to the Asian music festival as a Korean representative   Leave a comment

K.Will, a musician with great talent, will participate in the Asian international music festival, which will be held in Nigata, Japan as a representative of Korea.

On the 10th, NHK Enterprise said, “we invite K.Will to ‘Asia Pop Festival’ that will be held on upcoming 14th in Nigata, Japan.”

Many other Asian celebrities will be on the same stage as K.Will. Gackt from Japan will be on the stage. From Taiwan, top star He run dong(Peter Ho) and Jerry Yan(from F4), who has become famous after playing a part in the Taiwan version of ‘Boys over flowers’, will take part.

On this day, K.Will will sing some of his popular songs on stage : ‘Dropping the tears’, ‘Miss, miss and miss’, ‘Love is punishment’, an OST from the Korean drama ‘Shining inheritance’. It will be broadcasted throughout Japan nationwide through NHK.

With his excellent singing ability, K.will has been attaining popularity, having succeeded with his songs continuously in Korea. As he is getting attention in Japan recently as well, he is expected to become another celebrity surfing the ‘Korean wave’.

Translated by Kelly Han

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20091129 K.Will – One Last Cry [Kobe, Japan]

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