20090428 Interview Part IV: Dreaming of a ‘leather’ designer?   Leave a comment

Recently, celebrities are jumping into other stuff a lot. Actress Ku Hye-sun has made her debut as a writer, releasing a novel ‘Tango’ and she’s showing her talent as a conductor of independent films, as well. Cha In-pyo also published his novel ‘Goodbye, hills’ which deals with victims from the Japanese comfort woman during the war.

Likewise, actress Bae Doo-na is being recognized as a photographer and even has her own corner in a magazine. I asked K.Will if he wants to do anything else other than singing.

K.Will is said to have been acknowledged as a photographer for a while. He said, “I’ve had a lot of interests in many things (especially in arts), but I seem to have dropped out all the things besides music. That part was somewhat regretful.”

Very uniquely, he mentioned ‘leather craft’ as what he would like to do. “Some people say that it doesn’t seem like my kind of thing, but I really like the smell and tinge of leather. I fancy leather bags, accessories and anything. So I think I would enjoy making things with leather.”

His acquaintances say K.Will as a leather craftsman is kind of weird but matches him quite well. Let’s expect him to come out as a ‘designer’ someday.

Translated by Kelly Han

Source: http://ent.jknews.co.kr/article/news/20090428/5090151.htm

Posted January 31, 2010 by Ann in News & Interviews

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