20090428 Interview Part III : Singing alone, ‘want to be in a group someday’.   Leave a comment

K.Will expressed his frank feelings that he’s sometimes envious of the teams who work as groups. “Once, I’ve been in an a capella group. Sometime in the future I’d like to be in a group again.”

K.Will, who once took part in an a capella group named ‘Manish’ said, “At that time there were not many a capella groups with only men. Our group was rivals with ‘Sweet Sorrow’, and people quite liked our group.

“I was very into the group ‘Boyz II Men’ in middle school. I grew up listening to men group. I think that’s why I would like to be in such a group around mid 30s. I’d like to sing at the back rather than in the front sometime,” he added.

“I especially envy the group ‘Sweet Sorrow’. When I look at them chatting and giggling it looks really fun. The best thing about that team is that they spontaneously made the group, and it was not made by anyone else.”

He also said, “I was always with them at their historic moments. At their first concert, at their first radio show, and so on.”

On the other hand, recollecting the past he past, he said “I was really good with the naming of our a capella group. ‘Manish’ not only meant masculine features of our group, but it was also from the lyrics of Stevie Wonder’s song ‘Lately’ : man of many wishes.

Translated by Kelly Han

Source : http://ent.jknews.co.kr/article/news/20090428/5071633.htm

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