20090428 Interview Part II : Tear-dropping experience? I had one.   1 comment

K.Will’s title song, ‘Dropping the Tears’ has become so popular that there are even parody music videos.

K.Will’s voice which touches people’s hearts is throwing energy into his ‘against-the-season’ song. I asked him if he has any ‘tear-dropping’ experience.

K.Will tried to recall his tear-dropping memory, saying “I was really tearless when I was young. Ever since I chose music, I tend to cry more. I’m sometimes ashamed as it feels like I’m becoming childish.”

To this demanding question, he mused a while earnestly and finally opened his mouth. “I actually had that kind of experience.”

He carefully explained, “I can’t be too specific, but I once made my mind to never make a woman cry. Inevitably, however, I had to break up with my girlfriend. It was something like ‘일초에 한 방울 (one teardrop per second)’ situation. She cried and my heart was just rending. That scene comes to my mind when I think of the moment of crying awfully much.”

He awkwardly smiled, “In fact, I cry rather more at a happy scene than at a sad one. As I did when I was watching ‘Jerry Maguire’, I also cried when I was on ‘Yoon Do-hyun’s love letter’ for the first time. I cried in the waiting room, in the bathroom, behind the stage, and cried again and again. I was so blissful.”

And then he admitted that he was engrossed in the parody music video that was made by one fan.

“Some scenes were really touching, especially when actor So Ji-sub cried. It was a scene from the drama ‘I’m sorry, I love you’, and it went so well with my song that I was really struck,” he said frankly.

He mentioned that this album maximized its lyricism but there were many pleasant episodes when making the album.

Especially when he sung the duet song ‘Girl meets love’ with Tiffany from Girls’ Generation, he even heard his friends say that they’d never envied K.Will as a singer so much.

K.Will said it was a very pleasant experience with the Dynamic Duo on the song ‘일초에 한방울 (one teardrop per second)’, as he was a fan of them.

“As a huge fan of them, it might have been hard to ask for featuring if they hadn’t liked the song, but fortunately they really liked the song. I actually left it all to them. They even wrote the lyrics by themselves and it was really impressive. If I was contented with the song, say, 100% before, it went up to 120%.”

K.Will said he listens to his album in his car. “I feel good. While listening to it, I spontaneously thought that it would have been better if I had more songs in this album,” he smiled.

Translated by Kelly Han

Source : http://ent.jknews.co.kr/article/news/20090428/5036223.htm

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  1. only the prodigy able to say ‘i listen to my music’.. proud of him.. hoping he would come to malaysia.. really 1 2 watch his concert..

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