20090428 Interview Part I : K.Will, kicked out of a study room? ‘For singing’   1 comment

“Just until college, I naturally thought that I want to do music, but I came to think of it much seriously before going to serve for the military. A thought that I would regret forever if I don’t do music struck me. That’s when I started full-scale music.”

On 21st, I had an interview at the Pearl studio with K.Will, who’s getting lots of love from many people after he released his mini album, ‘Dropping the Tears’.

It has been 3 years from his debut, but what actually made him choose music as his career? It was the most commonplace but on the other hand the most essential question of ‘what made him become a singer’ that I first asked.

K.Will answered, “I just had this vague thought of becoming a singer. But then I ‘fell in love’ with the black music in middle school.”

“Ever since I got into music, I’d been scorned by my teacher because I was humming a song incessantly. I’d also been kicked out of a study room since I kept on singing songs,” he smiled. “In fact, my mother was a very good guitar player. She was often playing the guitar when I was singing in my room.” He told me how he was able to be familiar with music naturally.

Even he had to face his parents’ opposition to him becoming a singer. “I thought things were going to work out for me by the time I go to college, but it wasn’t as simple. It was nothing like those guitar-breaking scenes (where parents break their son’s guitars) in some movies, though. My parents thought that doing music was good, but they came up with a compromise and suggested me that I do music along with another work.”

“It was too hard for me to carry both things on my shoulder. That’s why I threw myself into music,” he added.

He also said, “It’s common that once at least every man thinks of going to the military. It was not until then that I knew I would regret in deathbed if I didn’t do music.”

His stage name K.Will, in which ‘K’ from his last name and ‘will’ showing his will for music were put together, seems to show his challenging spirit. What does he wish for now?

He started off by saying, “Last year I’ve taken the second place in music charts for quite a long time with my song ‘Love119’. Someone asked me if I don’t want the first place, so I answered, ‘ Would I want the third place instead?’.”

He confessed, “For some time I’ve been living with a mind that the first place would be too burdensome. But people who’ve been singing for a long time like Shin Seung-hun and Lee Seung-cheol are the people who have been on the top. To sing for a long time, I thought that I have to be on the top once at least.”

Sailing through the end of 2008 and the start of 2009, K.Will said, “Availing myself of the gathered momentum, I would like to upgrade myself and so,” with a cheerful voice.

He said, “My second album is planned to come out in September for now. So, I wish I could have my concert about that time,” showing another desire of his. “It’s not just a dream that I want, but it’s feasible so I’m kind of anticipating it. That wish is becoming fervent as people around me keep nudging me for a concert.”

The saying that nothing is new even the year passes is quite applicable to today’s music industry. These days, many masterpieces of music are reborn through different singers’ voices. K.Will would also like to sing some songs with his own voice.

K.Will has listened to many splendid pop songs, but he likes lyrical k-pops. So he picks Shin Seung-hun’s ‘Long after a parting’ saying, “I’ve listened to a lot of his songs and I’ve even sung one on stage. Chatting with my friends, I found out that I listened to his songs a lot during old school days, as well.”

Then he also chose Lee Gwang-su’s ‘Letter’ as a song that he would like to remake. “Both songs are sort of simple and complete, which makes them harder to remake, but once at least I would like to sing the songs to the original singers in my voice,” said he, revealing his affections for two songs.

K.Will has been in the music industry for five years, and it’s his third year as a singer. He’s been singing for quite long but he modestly says, “It’s been nowhere near long. I’m just about to put forth my strength.”

“People figuratively compare life to a marathon. I think it’s the same for music. I’ve said before that if you got the passion it takes, the whole race is not guaranteed, but at least you can start. I’ve just started and I’m in a stage of controlling my pace. Now I’m thinking if it’s time to speed up,” he said with a cordial smile.

Translated by Kelly Han

Source : http://ent.jknews.co.kr/article/news/20090428/4990189.htm

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