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Park Jin-young & Rain complements K.Will

Korean singer Rain has been friends with K.Will even before K.Will’s debut, as K.Will helped him as a vocal director when recording his album.

Rain says, “I believe he’s one of the best vocalists of 2007. I listen to ‘Left Heart’ whenever I get a chance these days I am so glad he came out with a song that goes very well with the upcoming spring.”

After Park Jin-young acknowledged K.Will as a great vocalist who got what it takes –talent, effort, and originality, Rain also complemented him on his talent.

Rain spoke very highly of K.Will in his remark, “K.Will has a voice that I really like. His talent is amazing, plus he has even refined it for such a long time. He exerts himself incessantly.”

Park Jin-young remarked on the completed version of ‘Left Heart’. “People say the songs I wrote are really difficult for other singers to sing in their own style, as they have too much of my personality. But ‘Left Heart’, people don’t even know that it’s my song because K.Will perfectly interpreted the song in his style.” He added, “I’ve never been so satisfied for writing a song for other singers besides me.”

K.Will’s ‘Left Heart’ is a piece of work made by the dream team of JYP and Bang Shi-hyuk, who brought god, rain, and J-Lim into stardom.

K.Will’s first album is planned to come out on the 6th of March.

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K.Will says ‘TVXQ is the most talented of the Idol groups’

Before his debut, K.Will has participated in many singers’ songs in the chorus part. He has done this with the songs of TVXQ, Jo Sung-mo, Kim Jong-guk, Tei, and Fly to the Sky. He picked TVXQ’s ‘I believe’ as the song he liked the most. He said, “The song was good in itself and TVXQ made the most of it.”

Another song that he enjoyed very much is Fly to the Sky’s ‘피(避, Evasion)’. His version of the song is widely spread on the R&B related sites and received some favorable comments: “Same song, a different feel.”, “Although the notes are high, he expresses the feelings very well.”, “I like the original version, but his as well.”

Thick and masculine voice, thin and beautiful voice, and husky voice, all can K.Will make in variation. He’s looming as a talented singer who’s capable of singing with variety.

Translated by Kelly Han

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UCC of K.Will singing a Celine Dion’s song is a hot issue

K.Will, who has been called ‘the man version of Mariah Carrey’, came up with another UCC. He has shown his extremely high notes in the former one. This time, he startled people again with the song of another female singer, Celine Dion.

The UCC is from one radio show where he perfectly performed the Titanic OST, ‘My heart will go on’.

These are what most people say: “How does a man sing the song that’s difficult to sing even for women?”, “I have no words to express this impression.”

K.Will’s title song, ‘Left Heart’ ranks high in many music charts, receiving the acclaim that it is a ‘great piece of music’ sung by a ‘talented musician’.

Translated by Kelly Han

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K.Will’s Biography   11 comments

Someone started K.Will’s page on with short details. We decided to add his works and fill in more information about him. The problem is,  it’s hard to find proper references in English especially the old one.

I’ll post the full interview and some of news translations after this.

And more important thing, thank you

– Daryn – Html editor (How convenience I am that I have you. :))

– MiDeCo86 – Editor and re-writer (Thank you again (and again ^-^) even you’re very busy lately.)

– Kelly Han – Korean news translator (I really put a lot of works on you, nothing to say more than thank you.)

– Nak –  for your  collection, I can’t complete the list without you.

Personal Info

Real Name : Kim Hyung Soo
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 69 kg
Blood type : O (Rh+ ??)
Family : Father and Mother (he’s only child.)
Favorite color : Shades of Blue
Hobbies : Graffiti, watching sports, playing basketball, bowling
Precious things : Diary, ring
Ideal type of woman : Smart girl
Musician he want to meet : Stevie Wonder
Pet : A cat names “monkey”


News Translation : for News Archive on wikipedia

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